YouTube Shorts Will be Available on Desktops and Tablets Soon

YouTube’s recent min version known as the Shorts is only available on Smartphones. But the tech giant is working on enabling the Shorts feature in both Desktops and Laptops soon. When this feature will be made available is unknown.

Other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have Reels that follow a short video format and enable the users to produce more creative entertainment or informative content. YouTube Shorts also follows the same pattern and it is still working to improve the features it can provide.

Those consumers who are used to large screens can enjoy Shorts in them instead of searching for Smartphones. Since the Shorts uses the portrait orientation of the Smartphone, it is not yet revealed how YouTube will work out the interface for desktops.

Also, the YouTube app has a separate section for shorts for people to view and create on their own. It is expected that desktop users will also get a separate section for shorts where they can view all the short videos in one place.

This recent news didn’t mention anything about Shorts integration in Smart TVs. It seems that Smart TVs have to wait for shorts to be available in them. Only normal YouTube videos will be available in the TV app.

Another great news for content creators regarding the shorts is that YouTube is going to allow creators to cut any portion of their original videos and convert them into shorts using the Shorts section. Earlier creators have to cut and edit their longer ones with a third-party application and upload it as a short video.

YouTube mentioned on the help page, “You can create a Short using a song from our library or the original audio from many other short and long-form videos. Shorts made with sampled audio are attributed back to the source creator’s original video”.

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