Why does Radeon software keep crashing? (5 Reasons & Fixes)

AMD’s Radeon software is a comprehensive application to manage all the AMD-related hardware in your PC. Whether it is GPU, CPU, or integrated graphics, this software can help you know the stats and even tweak their performance easily. But some users encountered frequent crashing with it and in this article, we shall look at the possible reasons for it along with the fixes.

Why does Radeon software keep crashing

Why does Radeon software keep crashing?

The Radeon Software might keep crashing due to the following reasons:

  • Outdated AMD drivers
  • Windows updating the AMD driver and overwriting on previous versions
  • Overclocking of hardware
  • Browsers
  • Startup applications

Outdated AMD Drivers

We know that drivers are important for the hardware and software to communicate and function properly. When there is an issue with the drivers, the Radeon software tends to crash frequently.

Driver issues can be caused mainly by getting outdated. AMD periodically releases the necessary driver updates and you have to download and install them.

Sometimes, you might have to update the Radeon software but not the drivers. So, the software application cannot run properly and starts to crash.

Even if you do a proper OS update, there is no guarantee that the drivers are also getting updated. Therefore, a major reason for the Radeon software crash is the outdated drivers.

Instruction to Fix it:

  • Go to the device manager using the search option in your start menu
  • Click on the display option and select the AMD driver
  • Right-click on the AMD display driver and click on update driver
  • If there is a driver available online it will be downloaded and installed.
  • Alternatively, you can go to the AMD website and download the driver from it directly.

Windows overwriting the updates

Windows automatically updates the OS and the drivers present in the system. Sometimes, these drivers are also shown in the optional updates tab.

When Windows tries to update the drivers automatically, it simply overwrites the new version over the existing display driver. This will create issues with the functioning of the driver.

So, if the Radeon Software crashes frequently even after doing updates, then it may be because of the overwritten data in the drivers.

Instruction to Fix it:

  • Go to the device manager settings
  • Choose the Display driver of AMD and right-click on it
  • Click on the Properties and it will open a window
  • Here you can see an option called Rollback Driver. Click on it.
  • The driver will be restored to the previous version. Now restart the PC.
  • Uninstall the Radeon software from the control panel
  • Now update the driver directly from the AMD website
  • Once the driver is updated, reinstall the Radeon software or download the latest version from AMD.
  • Your application will not crash now.

Overclocking of Hardware

When you are overclocking AMD hardware, the software applications may have some chances to crash due to driver issues.

If you are overclocking the CPU or GPU with improper methods and not handling the heat properly, you may have issues with the working of the hardware. 

They can also have a hard time properly communicating with the applications through the driver. Therefore, your Radeon software might crash frequently. 

Instruction to Fix it:

  • Undo the overclocking you have done to your CPU or GPU properly.
  • Restart the PC and reinstall the drivers appropriately.
  • Check the working of the Radeon software now.

Browsers and Browser Extensions

Many users found that certain browsers and browser extensions cause frequent crashes. You can find the crash to happen particularly when you are using the browser or the extension.

Popularly, the use of the Opera browser is making the Radeon software crash and if you are using one, you can experience it.

Instruction to Fix it:

  • Try uninstalling the browser and extensions
  • You can try uninstalling the browser from the control panel
  • You can uninstall the extensions from the browser settings itself
  • Then restart the PC and check whether the software works properly

Startup Applications

Similar to certain browsers, some applications that are in the startup can also lead to the crashing of Radeon software.

Especially, if you are having multiple apps in the startup along with the Radeon software, then there are more chances for the application to crash.

You can find out the crash happening during the startup of specific software. So, you can find the applications in the start-up and clear them from the list.

Instruction to Fix it:

  • Go to the search bar in the start menu. 
  • Type startup settings and go to it.
  • Here you can find the apps that initiate during the startup
  • Click on the apps that are causing the crash or you can turn off all the apps from startup.
  • Now restart the application and check the software.

These are the major reasons for the Radeon software to crash repeatedly when launching or while using them. You can try these fixes and resolve the issues easily.

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Why is Radeon software important for your PC?

Radeon software can be helpful in many ways for your PC. Here are some of the major functions of the software application.

  • Radeon software is used for managing the CPU, GPU, and several other hardware you may use with your PC.
  • You can use it to manipulate the display options, create profiles, and do similar functions with it.
  • With the Radeon boost application, you can do overclocking and increase the gaming performance of the GPU
  • If you have a monitor that supports AMD FreeSync, you can activate or deactivate it for certain applications. 
  • You can change the refresh rate, resolution, and other aspects of personalization using the software.
  • There are several features like Radeon Anti Lag, Radeon Chill, Super Resolution technology, and much more. All these features can help improve your hardware and display performance.

These are the different functionalities of the Radeon software and you can make use of these to improve the user experience.

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If you are using AMD’s Radeon software you may encounter some crashing problems. Then you can make use of these fixes and get rid of the issue easily. Most of the time, just by fixing the drivers, you can solve the problem very easily.

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