Why does my modem keep crashing? (7 Reasons, 7 Fixes)

Internet connectivity is crucial for any computer system. You get all the data for system updates, and you use the internet to perform many of the activities on your PC. So, it is a must that your PC must be connected to the internet always.

Your PC gets access to the internet with the help of a modem and router (Sometimes these two can be a single device so when we mention modem, it also indicates router). The Internet service provider gives you access to the internet through these devices which are directly connected to the PC.

But, due to some reasons, your modem might crash unexpectedly resulting in frequent loss of network connectivity. Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss the various reasons for modem crashes and fix them.

Why does my Modem keep crashing

Why does my modem keep crashing?

Both hardware and software issues can cause a crash in your modem. So here are some of the major reasons for crashes to occur frequently.

Too many people are connected to the network

Every modem has a range and capacity within which it can work perfectly well. But when many users are connected to the device, it may have to push its limits to provide connectivity.

This can cause overload to the hardware inside the modem and result in a crash. Usually, one or two systems will be connected through the LAN cable, and others are connected to the Wi-Fi.

When the number of people using and accessing the Wi-Fi increases, then this overload can easily occur causing the crash.

Overheating Due to Dust

Sometimes a thick layer of dust can sediment on the chips inside the modem and this hinders the ability to release excess heat. So, this heat stays within the hardware and suddenly creates a crash.

If you have placed the PC or the modem closer to the streets, then this dust buildup can be faster, and you might have to clean it frequently.

Dust damaging the hardware is not a new thing for PC owners. Every piece of hardware that has excess dust on it can overheat easily and fail.

Altered ISP

The modem brings internet to the PC through a default gateway which can access the internet service provider.

When this gateway is altered, the ISP cannot provide internet to the modem. So, your PC will not be able to access the network.

This situation can pose a crash since your modem will try to connect and fail several times. So, this change in the default gateway can also be a reason.

Radio or Wireless Interference

If a strong radio or other wireless signal is interfering with your modem, you can experience frequent crashes.

If you are using any gadgets or devices with the possibility of emitting high-frequency radio waves, then it can also be the reason for it to occur.

Broken or damaged Cables

The ISP will provide network connectivity to the modem with the help of cables. These cables can get damaged, and your modem might try to gain access to the internet and fail.

Although the cables cannot get damaged easily, there is a probability that it might be the reason. It is not necessarily the cables present outside of your home. Rather it can be the cable connected inside.

So, checking for any damaged or broken cable can provide a solution to frequent crashes.

Incompatible Firmware

Sometimes your ISP might have updated its firmware and your modem might be incompatible with it. So, you cannot get an internet connection due to mismatched firmware.

The firmware of the router must be updated to the current version so that it doesn’t crash. Usually, the ISP will inform you of the changes they make and if you have neglected it, then it can be a reason for the issue.

Old Hardware

If you have a very old modem with hardware from the past, then it cannot hold onto the processes. It will start to crash occasionally and increase in frequency.

They may also be incompatible with the latest data transfer rates and bandwidths. So, it can start to crash frequently.

These are the reasons for the failure of the modem, and you can fix these issues easily. Let us now get to the solution.

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How to fix the modem crashing?

We are also able to prevent the modem from crashing; the following are the steps you need take.

Switch off the modem occasionally

The modem is one of the devices that runs all year 24/7. Due to such a heavy workload, the hardware may overheat.

Therefore, turn off the modem occasionally and let it rest for a few hours. Try to inform the users regarding the shutdown and do it to get longer life from the router.

Replace old hardware

If you are using a very old router, then get a list of recommended devices from your ISP and replace it with a new one.

This can be compatible with the latest bandwidth and will not cause any firmware issues. You can also use it for a long time without getting outdated.

Dust the Modem

Maintaining the modem can avoid a lot of issues and dusting is one major thing you must observe. Whenever you are shutting down the router, try to dust it thoroughly.

This can avoid dust sediments on the hardware and the heat can expel more efficiently. The life of the modem is also increased.

Change Working Frequency

If you are affected by the interference issue, then change the working frequency from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. For this, you will need a dual bandwidth modem.

If you don’t own a dual bandwidth modem, then find the device sending out this interference signal and remove it from the premises of the modem.

Update the Firmware

Whenever your ISP intimates you with the firmware update, do it without fail. This will avoid incompatibility issues and keep the modem running for a long time.

You can also update the firmware by yourself by checking the website of the modem manufacturer.

Restrict people Connected to the Network

Go to the modem settings and restrict the number of users connected to the network at the same time.

This will reduce the load on the modem, and it will not experience any kind of crash. You can log on to the settings with the help of an IP address provided by the modem.

Avoid Public Access to the Modem Settings

Keep the credentials to your modem settings private and avoid public access. If they alter the default gateway to the ISP, then it can lead to disconnection.

Therefore, keep the settings private and to your own access. Change the privacy settings and keep it secure.

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Modem crashes can be easily fixed if you find out the major reason that causes them. So, with the help of these reasons and fixes, you will be able to solve the issue immediately. Avoid and prevent these reasons to get internet connectivity throughout the year.

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