Why are my Computer Speakers Humming? (7 Reasons & How to Fix)

Speakers are an essential part of any entertainment. Whether you are using a TV or your PC, speakers must work properly so that we can enjoy, listen, and understand the things we watch. Sometimes, the speakers may sound humming or buzzing which is very annoying.

There are a lot of reasons for that to happen and here we are to know them. Also, we can understand to fix the issue and enjoy high-quality listening with our speakers.

Why are my computer speakers humming

Why are my Computer Speakers Humming?

Humming sound coming from speakers is a common problem that many people have to deal with. The hum of the computer speakers can happen for a variety of reasons. It is important to understand the cause of the humming before you take any action. Here we have listed the most important following reasons. This helps you to sort out the problem and fix it easily.

Improper Plugging of Speaker Cable

This is one of the common mistakes people do with their speakers. They don’t plug in the speaker cable to the PC properly.

The cable has rings and sleeves which act as a conductor and transfer the audio data from the source. If the cable is not inserted properly, you might hear the buzzing sound.

Sometimes, you can see that only one of the speakers is working properly. This is also due to improper plugging of the speaker cable into the input jack.

High Volume

Either by mistake or knowingly people may set the volume too high. When the volume is set very high, it will lead to excess sound pressure in the diaphragm. You can experience this even if you aren’t playing anything. The speaker keeps on humming without any file being played. 

This is due to the excess of electrical signals entering the speaker circuit due to the volume set being very high. Also, while playing with high volume, you might hear constant noise from the speaker.

Corrupt Audio File

When there are chances for the problem to reside in the speakers, it is also highly possible that the file you are playing might be corrupt.

A corrupt audio file may transfer corrupt digital signal which is then converted into electrical signals for the speaker to reproduce. This corrupt signal might be a humming or buzzing sound. Sometimes, it might even play the audio in bits and pieces. 

Damaged Sound Card

Hardware issue in the PC is also a major reason for the speakers to behave in such a manner. The sound card in the PC is responsible for transferring the audio signals to the external device connected to the computer system.

When there is an issue with the sound card, such humming and buzzing are very common. There are times when the sound card might be broken and may cause the issue.

Without a proper sound card, you will not be able to hear the desired audio from the PC. The improper signals transferred from the sound card may cause the humming.

Faulty Motherboard Circuit

The problem with the sound card may also arise due to circuit issues with the motherboard. Due to power surges or fluctuations, the motherboard might have some issues with the circuits and cause damage to the sound card.

There is a possibility where the sound card is good but the pins connecting them have some damages. You can easily remove the card and check the pins if you suspect an issue with the motherboard.

Damaged Speaker Hardware

The speakers have different electrical and mechanical parts inside them. Either there is an issue with the coil circuit or the moving parts in the speakers might have been damaged.

This type of damage will also cause humming. Especially if the speaker cones that are housed inside them are cracked or torn, the humming or buzzing is possible.

Frequency Interference

This is quite unusual but a potential cause for humming. If you have other electronic devices such as a mic or other heavy electricals in the proximity of the speaker, it may be the reason for humming.

Sometimes, when a high voltage cable is near the speaker cable, there might be a heavy interference that causes the humming. Microphones, Heavy Bass speakers near your normal PC speakers might affect its output and produce a humming sound.

Another major cause of this interference is the electrical ground loop. When you have connected too many or heavy devices in the same socket this usually happens.

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How to fix computer speakers humming?

While we have discussed the reasons, the problem lies with one of them. If you find the reason you can easily fix the issue. Here are some guidelines to find and fix the issue:

  • Try to adjust the volume rocker in the speaker and find out where the humming starts or stops. If there is no change, try adjusting the volume in your PC and find the place of humming.
  • Make sure the speaker cable is properly plugged into your audio jack. It is better to remove any extensions or splitters. Connect the cable directly and look at whether the problem is resolved.
  • If you suspect an issue with the port, try a different port. You can also plug in the speaker to another device to check whether the problem lies with the speaker or cable or PC.
  • Plug in your speaker power cable to a separate socket and check whether the problem is resolved.
  • Remove other electronic devices from the proximity of your speakers and check whether the humming is gone.
  • Run updates for your sound card drivers and restart your PC. Now check whether the humming is present. (You can download free driver update software)
  • Go to sound settings on the PC and disable all sound effects. Sometimes this might be working without any playback audio.

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How do computer speakers humming disturb you?

Humming is a constant noise with a particular frequency. Some might tolerate such noises but most of the people get annoyed and frustrated with them.

The constant buzzing and humming provoke improper signals in the brain causing mental health illness. If the sound is loud, it might even cause severe damage to hearing and mental health might be compromised.

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Fixing PC speakers is easy if you find out the underlying cause. The humming is an annoying issue and it is very important to fix it as soon as possible. We use the PC for various purposes and most people use it for entertainment too. If the speakers are bad, entertainment is ruined.

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