Thrustmaster vs Logitech Racing Wheel: Compare, Pros & Cons

Racing wheels are an excellent accessory that enables us to feel the real experience of a race through a game. You can drive race cars from F1, NASCAR, etc. using these wheels and get an ultimate driving experience.

One of the top racing wheel manufacturers is Thrustmaster and Logitech. They have racing wheels for all budgets and for all kinds of users. As a racing games enthusiast, you might be wondering which one to choose. In this article, we shall understand the difference between these two wheels.

Thrustmaster vs Logitech Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster vs Logitech Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster and Logitech Racing wheels have significant differences in build quality, Force Feedback, and Price. Let us investigate it in detail.

Thrustmaster Logitech
Build Quality Best Build quality with realistic racing wheel experience. Robust and futuristic Great build quality with leather knit steering wheel and features for better racing experience
Design Has wide range of design and model that covers popular racing car wheels Custom made wheels for gaming purpose
Features Has several models and have detailed features like a real racing wheel Has only necessary features and doesn’t have a complicated structure
Force Feedback Has great force feedback that provides realistic racing experience Has good force feedback system for a real racing experience
Compatibility Compatible for PC, Xbox, PS, etc. Compatible for PC, Xbox, PS, etc.
Mounting options Provides good mounting options in most models Provides hard mounting and table mounting options
Price Can be expensive than Logitech Has budget friendly models too

Thrustmaster is well known for its quality and features. They have versatile models made to enjoy real racing. The most important feature of a Thrustmaster wheel is its force feedback.

The force feedback in a Thrustmaster wheel is quite authentic and very silent too. You will not artificially feel the vibrations. Rather they are very realistic and more importantly quieter than other racing wheels out there.

As for the Logitech, it also has a good feedback system and only lacks a little in the real racing experience. But if you are concerned about the budget of the wheel, then Logitech offers more for what it’s worth. 

The wheel rotation in Thrustmaster can go up to 1080 degrees while the Logitech offers only 900 degrees. This may or may not be a great concern according to the user. But if you are playing simulation games, it can make quite a difference.

If you consider the popularity, Logitech is more popular than Thrustmaster due to its wide user base. The affordability and efficiency of Logitech wheels make them more desirable for many users and you can find a lot of accessories at a reasonable price for it. 

For example, you can get a good quality H Gear shifter for a Logitech wheel for $80. But with Thrustmaster, you have to spend more for each and every accessory. 

As for the durability of the wheels, both offer excellent life, and they don’t easily get damaged. With proper maintenance, you can expect both wheels to last long. But a general thought among people is that the Logitech wheels are more durable. 

The pedals of the Thrustmaster are slightly authentic and offer more stiffness. It is slightly better than the Logitech pedals. You can have a sensitive pedal with Thrustmaster, but Logitech offers more play in the pedal.

The fixtures provided by the Thrustmaster are more effective. The table clamp is better with it and as for the Logitech, the table clamp can be loose. But Logitech offers hard mounting options in its budget option but not with Thrustmaster. 

In terms of cable management, Logitech does a better job when compared to Thrustmaster. Therefore, both Thrustmaster and Logitech have their own advantages and disadvantages which we shall discuss next.

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Thrustmaster Racing Wheel: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Excellent build quality and design Doesn’t have hard mounting options in budget
Best Force Feedback Accessories are very expensive
Available in various models including realistic racing wheels like Ferrari The wheels are not budget friendly
Less durable
Better Pedal sensitivity Cable management can be better
Good table clamp
Higher Wheel rotation up to 1080 degrees
Available in a wide range
Better driving experience
Paddle shifters are more tactile

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Logitech Racing Wheel: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Highly affordable options and ranges available Wheel rotation can be higher
Accessories like Gear shifters can be found at cheap prices Force feedback is not very accurate
Good force feedback system Pedals can be slightly more sensitive
Stable with hard mounting options Not many real racing wheel models are available
Pedals offer more play The table clamp is not much sturdy
Excellent cable management
Provides 900 degrees of wheel rotation
Offers more for the price range
Highly durable
Leather design
Great for beginners

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The Thrustmaster and Logitech racing wheels are both excellent in terms of durability and driving experience. But there are some slight user-based differences where one may prefer the former over the latter. You can easily choose with the above-mentioned comparison and get the best racing wheel for your requirement.  

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