Rumored to be Released Intel ARC desktop GPUs might be Faster than the existing RTX cards

As per the recent rumor released by the famous and reliable leaker Enthusiast Citizen, intel has a GPU lineup for desktops that are expected to be faster than the present RTX and RX graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD respectively.

The mobility lineup, high-end models, and desktop variants were expected to be displayed in the second quarter. But it might be further delayed into the end of the second quarter or early third quarter. The leaker mentioned that, “Intel’s independent display (referring to the desktop side) may be delayed again, the reason is unknown, it will be released at the end of Q2 ~ early Q3”.

The desktop lineup is expected to have four models named A770, A750, A580, and A380. The A380 is expected to be an entry-level card whereas the A770 might be faster than RTX 3060Ti. Both these cards were shown in previous leaks and this recent leak confirms their existence. Right now, the A750 and A580 cards are yet to be exposed and they may also be shown soon.

Enthusiast Citizen stated, “There are four models in total, A770, A750, A580, and A380. The strongest A770 is probably a 3060Ti or so.

So, the A770 may not be the top, and there may be some A970 or other models in the back, but lol Yes, A770M is 16GB VRAM, A770 seems to be smaller than this number, the specific size is not clear, it may be | 86 or 10G, A750 and A580 are 8G VRAM video memory should be correct, there is no other news for the time being.

Airbus (not) A380 maybe a dessert card. My personal guess is that the memory is at 60, and the performance should be stronger than the RX 6400”.

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