How to Remove the Echo Sound from Laptop Speaker? (4 Ways)

Most laptop speakers are decent and don’t produce extraordinary sound quality. This is partly due to the lack of space available to install larger drivers. So, the listening experience from a laptop speaker is average in most cases.

When this experience is combined with an issue, it can become very annoying to listen to the audio output from the laptop. One of the most common issues faced by laptop users is echoing. The audio output from the speakers can produce an echo you cannot properly recognize what is being played.

This can arise due to multiple reasons and in this article, we can explore them while knowing the solution to this problem.

How to Remove the Echo Sound from Laptop Speaker

How to Remove the Echo Sound from Laptop Speaker?

The source of echo can be an input device like a microphone or some enhancement settings that can result in the issue. Let us now look at some fixes.

Stopping the Microphone from Listening

  • If your laptop’s inbuilt mic is listening to the device, it may be given out through the speakers, and you may hear an echo because of it.
  • Therefore, you need to alter the settings to stop listening to the device. 
  • To do this, go to the right end of the taskbar and you can see a speaker symbol.
  • Right-click on the Speaker symbol and choose Recording devices.
  • A prompt will be opened, and it will list the devices connected or previously connected to the laptop.
  • Select the active device or default device and click on Properties shown at the bottom right corner.
  • This will open the mic properties prompt and select the Listen tab on the top.
  • You can find an option called “listen to this device”. If it is checked, then uncheck it and click on OK. 
  • Now check whether you get any echo output from the speakers. If not, then it is fixed. If you still get the echo sound move on to the next method.

Disabling the Enhancements

  • Sometimes, the mic output setting is altered using some enhancement settings which can be toggled by default on the laptop. This must be disabled to stop getting an echo.
  • To do this, go to the speaker symbol on the taskbar and right-click on it.
  • Click on the recording devices and it will open a list of devices with the laptop. 
  • Choose the mic and click on properties.
  • In the properties prompt, go to the Enhancement tab.
  • You can find an option called “Disable All Enhancements”. Check the box and click on apply.
  • Now click OK and exit the menu. You can now see the echo to be gone. 
  • If the problem persists, go to the next fix.

Disabling Microphone Boost

  • Some laptop sound cards can support automatic microphone boost, and this can interfere with the sound output from the laptop. So, you must disable it to solve the issue.
  • Go to Recording Devices by right clicking on the Speaker icon on the taskbar.
  • Choose the active mic and click on properties.
  • Go to the Levels tab on the top and look for the option “Microphone Boost”.
  • If the option is available and checked, uncheck the box. Click on apply and click ok.
  • Now the issue should be resolved, and you cannot hear the echo. 
  • But if you can still hear the echo, then move on to other fixes.

Updating or Reinstalling the Drivers

  • When none of the fixes work, then it might be a driver issue causing it.
  • Either the driver is not updated, or it may malfunction. So, you must either update it or reinstall it.
  • To update the drivers, find the sound card of your laptop from the device manager and go to the manufacturer’s website.
  • Search for the latest driver and download it.
  • Install the driver and restart the device. Your problem will be fixed. 
  • You can also check the windows update center for optional updates and find whether a driver update related to the sound card is available.
  • As for reinstalling the driver, go to the device manager and select the sound card.
  • Uninstall the driver for the sound card and restart the laptop.
  • Now reinstall the driver and restart once again.
  • Then check whether the echo persists. 

Mostly the echo problem will be fixed with these resolutions. If you still hear an echo from the speakers, then you can follow these guidelines:

  • Place the microphone or other input devices far from the speakers.
  • If you have placed the speakers or mic near a wall that can reflect sound waves, then move away from it.
  • If the built-in mic of the laptop creates the issue, try to turn off the mic and replace it with an external mic. 
  • Sometimes your webcam has a built-in mic which can cause such troubles. Therefore, turn off that mic and use another input device.
  • Lower the volume of your speaker and check whether the echo has reduced.

These are the ways in which you can solve the echo coming from your laptop speakers easily.

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Reason for Echo Sounds in Laptop speaker

The major reasons for echo sound in laptop speakers are:

  • Environmental audio being fed continuously to the built-in mic or external mic can produce an echo in laptop speakers.
  • The built-in mic is constantly listening to the device itself.
  • Placing the mic and speakers near a reflective wall that doesn’t absorb sound waves.
  • Enabling enhancements and mic boost settings by default.
  • Placing the mic closer to the speakers can produce an echo.

These are the major reasons for the echo problem, and you can easily fix it with the recommended solutions.

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Getting an echo from the laptop speakers can be highly displeasing and it must be fixed immediately. Most of the time, external sources can be a reason, and sometimes, the internal settings may be causing trouble.

Therefore, try each of the above-mentioned fixes and try to resolve the issue. If you don’t get a solution with each step, move on to the others. Hope you find a solution with these fixes and get rid of the echo soon.

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