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Can I use a Server Motherboard for Gaming? (Explained)

Gaming is quite an intensive task and requires high-level accessories and peripherals. With higher specifications, you can have a seamless gaming experience in high resolutions like 4K or 8K. While normal desktops are quite capable of achieving this goal, the motherboards have a certain limit to what it can provide.

How to keep Computer Cabinet cool? (6 Best Ways)

When your pc is running, it has a lot of components that make a lot of heat. When your pc is running, it has a lot of components that make a lot of heat. Specific elements, such as the CPU and graphics card, can become extremely hot to the point of cooking. If this happens, the temperature can rise so high that you could do a lot of damage to your computer.

How to increase USB WiFi Adapter Speed? (4 Best Ways)

To get the Internet on your pc, you can connect a wifi adapter to your computer. It’s easy to install and use, and you don’t need any technical skills to use it. However, you may discover that the wifi adapter cannot receive an adequate signal, so how to increase USB WiFi Adapter Speed? We encountered this problem and before upgrading

10 Best Case for Video Editing PC 2022 (Budget, Value)

A custom-built PC needs more knowledge and work than you may imagine. With the current innovations in the video Editing business, the hardware requirements for Video Editing are growing. So the pc case is the most vital part that maintains it. After significant research, our experts have chosen the Best Case for Video Editing PC for you.

Why does my Computer Mouse keep Freezing up? (5 Reasons, How to fix)

If you’ve ever had a problem where your mouse stops working on the display, or it hangs out of somewhere, or it moves at random without you even noticing? The mouse’s pointer travels irregularly, or the cursor on the mouse does not react promptly to your motion, fails to work after a certain amount of time, or is not spotted.

10 Best PCI WiFi Card for Gaming PC 2022(Budget, Value, Guides)

Because most games can now be played online, a safe and dependable WiFi connection is necessary. It is not a good idea to lose your game during critical stages. You don’t want to hear from your teammates through unclear conversation. Although almost every electrical component can now access directly to the internet

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