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Best SSD for 4k Video Editing PC: 7 Top Picks (Budget, Affordable, Guide)

Video editing is a difficult task. This is a process that demands a combination of technological advancement and creativity. Your PC should be able to handle, produce, and edit your chosen videos to acquire a better effect. In this post, we’ll present you with a concise review of the Best SSD for 4k Video Editing. So let’s start!

How to discharge a computer power supply? (3 Methods and Guides)

Whenever you want to get inside your PC to look into the motherboard or install new hardware, you must ensure completer power discharge. If you don’t drain this charge, it will result in electrocution and sometimes may cause some harm. Therefore, it is important to know how to discharge a computer power supply.

How do SSD and HDD work together for PC? (Guide, Benefits, FAQs)

Earlier floppy disks with 128 KB were enough, but today we need a terabyte amount of storage space. Hard disk drives (HDD) have evolved to be sleek and fast but it has their disadvantages. On the other hand, we have our Solid-State Drives (SSD) which are very compact and faster than HDDs. We have to know how do SSD and HDD work

How to share RAM Memory to Graphics Memory? (2 Methods, Settings & Benefits)

Most of the time the performance of a PC is affected by the graphics card. Also, it is difficult nowadays to get hold of a better graphics card even if you can afford it. So, you have to look out for ways to increase the overall performance of the PC. If you know how to share RAM memory to graphics memory which is also known as VRAM,

How to Increase Performance of Graphics Card (Settings, Tools & Benefits)

GPU is an important piece of hardware in any computer system. But getting a new one or upgrading them can empty your pockets these days. If you know how to increase performance of graphics card, you don’t have to worry about the ongoing crisis and spending a fortune to get a new one. Instead, you can just tweak the settings

How to check Graphic Card Compatibility with Motherboard? (Guide, Best Option, Tips)

When you want to upgrade your existing PC, there are many things to consider for choosing the right set of hardware. Especially, GPU has several considerations and cannot be just bought and installed. So, for those who are looking forward to upgrading your gaming performance or video editing capacity, here is a guide on how to check Motherboard Graphic card Compatibility.

How to Calibrate Monitor for Video Editing (Settings, Benefits, Tools, Guide)

Most of the time the output quality is not accurate due to the poor display of colors by the monitor. It is important that the monitor should display a wide range of colors to ensure the accuracy of what they had captured in real life. Therefore, let us understand how to calibrate monitor for video editing and produce high quality videos with high color accuracy.

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