What are jumpers on a motherboard? (Does it matter on your PC)

Jumpers on a motherboard are usually used to configure how the computer will boot up. This article is aimed at educating the reader about the answer to “What are jumpers on a motherboard?”

What are jumpers on a motherboard?

What are jumpers on a motherboard?

The jumpers allow the computer to close an electrical circuit. In other words, it will enable the electricity to flow on the circuit board to perform the desired functions. Jumpers usually come equipped with small pins covered with a small plastic box.

Do you know that jumpers manually configure your computer peripherals?

In the past, before the advent of plug and play, jumpers were extensively used to adjust the device’s resources.

Nowadays, a majority of users don’t need to change the jumpers present on their motherboards. However, you can encounter jumpers while installing a hard drive.

What is the purpose of jumper usage in the motherboard?

In a computer, the jumper is a pair of prongs that are electrical contact points. They are usually set into the computer motherboard or an adapter card. When you select a jumper, you will place a plug on the prongs, complete the contact.

To be precise, the jumper acts as a switch by opening or closing an electrical circuit.

The jumpers present in the motherboard can be added or removed to alter the function or performance of the computer.

Nowadays, users can install motherboards with the help of the plug and play interface.

Modern-day computers come with pre-set jumpers. However, it is not uncommon for some manufacturers to provide jumper settings in the instruction manual so that the user can customize the performance.

The primary purpose of the jumper is to close, open or bypass a specific part of the electronic circuit. Note that they are usually deployed to set up or configure the printed circuit boards.  

Do motherboards come with jumpers?

Nowadays, it is common for most manufacturers to equip motherboards without jumpers. And if you get a motherboard without a jumper, don’t fret.

If you want to do a CMOS reset, then you have to search for jumpers. However, there are other ways through which you can reset CMOS.

You can grab a paper clip from the drawer to use a jumper for resetting the CMOS. Note that you may even require jumpers to enable specific types of settings.

But with the advent of the plug and play interface, modern-day motherboards don’t come with jumpers. One should be aware of jumpers while installing a motherboard.

Can you clear CMOS without a jumper?

To be precise, you can clear CMOS even without jumpers. To clear CMOS without jumpers, you have to remove the big silver battery, also known as the BIOS battery, from the motherboard.

This is probably the best way to clear CMOS, as taking out the battery will reset the BIOS settings.

Nowadays, with the advent of sleeker models, most computers don’t come with jumpers. The plug and play interface is popular nowadays as users can easily configure the BIOS settings with CMOS.

However, it is highly recommended that you seek advice from a professional before clearing the CMOS of your system.

Do motherboards come with jumpers?

As stated above, the motherboard used to come with jumpers, and resetting the BIOS was a more straightforward affair. With the advent of the plug and play interface, jumpers are rarely seen in a computer motherboard. You can think of jumpers as switches.

When you use the jumper on the pins, the switch usually closes, which resets the BIOS. To clear CMOS, you have to be aware of various aspects. In a majority of cases, it is worth consulting with a professional who has proper knowledge about CMOS and BIOS.

Let’s hope that you are well aware of the practicality of jumpers in a motherboard.

Final Words

Jumpers on motherboards were standard features till the introduction of the plug and play interface.

With jumpers, users had the ability to reset BIOS and clear CMOS. Plug and play interfaces are becoming an integral part of the motherboard setup.

Let’s hope that the information mentioned above will help you to be aware of jumpers.

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