Is Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050Ti good for Gaming? (Supported games)

NVIDIA remains willing to produce GPUs that most gamers would struggle to get due to worldwide shortages, as is the case with its newest mobile GPU, the RTX 3050 Ti. Its release effectively kills the GTX 1650, NVIDIA’s former flagship budget GPU for low-end gaming laptops. Let us enter into the topic!

How to know if your Graphics Card is dead? (6 Signs)

Everything in the world has an expiry date. No component can run forever and it compulsorily fails one day. Even if you maintain them with the utmost care, they will lose their integrity. one day they will be dead and you must know how to find out before they fail. Here is a guide to finding out whether your graphics card is dead or normal.

How to Increase Performance of Graphics Card? (Settings, Tools & Benefits)

GPU is an important piece of hardware in any computer system. But getting a new one or upgrading them can empty your pockets these days. If you know how to increase performance of graphics card, you don’t have to worry about the ongoing crisis and spending a fortune to get a new one. Instead, you can just tweak the settings

Dedicated vs Integrated graphics card: Pros & Cons, Guide

So, What is the difference between integrated and dedicated graphics card? Let’s Begin! When you seek information about a new laptop’s features, the most challenging thing is to determine an integrated or dedicated graphics card.

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