How to use Headphone Amp with Audio Interface? (3 Best Ways)

Sometimes we might lack a deeper listening experience even with good quality headphones. You need an extra boost with a simple amplifier which helps in pleasurable listening. If you would like to split the output into two or more headphones you need an audio interface. Also, the audio interface helps you to connect devices to the computer

How to Fix a Broken Headphone Cable? (2 Best Fixing ways)

Wired headphones are the best way to experience the highest audio quality. But the wires make a hassle and require untangling every time. Because of such frequent tangling, they tend to easily break. Without wire connectivity, the headphones are not usable. if you know how to fix a broken headphone cable, you can use them for some more time.

How Bluetooth headphone noise cancellation works? (2 Best types to stop)

Bluetooth headphones have become popular and the main selling point nowadays is the noise cancellation feature. With noise cancellation, you can listen to the content without any disturbance. You can give full attention to the content and understand it better. Let’s understand how Bluetooth headphone noise cancellation works.

How much Headphone use is too much? (Side Effects, Guides)

The most common question about headphones is how much headphone use is too much? Let see about it with relevant questions like side effects, per day limit to wearing, brain damage, Ear damage, can use for sleeping, etc. The only problem with the headphone usage is that adults and children tend to use it longer.

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