What does RAM do for your computer? (RAM Types, Guides)

What does RAM do for your computer?, RAM which is also known as Random Access Memory is one of the important factors for your computer. It is a form of computer storage, which allows you to store data to be received and then read almost instantaneously.

Why is a Monitor better than a TV for Gaming? (5 Facts, Types)

TV and gaming monitors serve a wide range of purposes. They allow gamers to experience a high-quality gaming experience. Let Start the article with the question “Why is a monitor better than a TV for gaming?”

Dedicated vs Integrated graphics card: Pros & Cons, Guide

So, What is the difference between integrated and dedicated graphics card? Let’s Begin! When you seek information about a new laptop’s features, the most challenging thing is to determine an integrated or dedicated graphics card.

What are Cores and Threads in a Processor? (10 Facts, Tips, Guides)

Let’s Begin “What are Cores and Threads in a Processor”. Threads are the virtual components that segregate the Processor’s physical core into multiple cores. For instance, a single Processor core can possess up to two threads per core.

What are jumpers on a motherboard? (Does it matter on your PC)

In case you don’t know “What are jumpers on a motherboard?”, Here is the Explanation. The jumpers allow the computer to close an electrical circuit. In other words, it will enable the electricity to flow on the circuit board to perform the desired functions.

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