How to protect my webcam from hackers? (8 Best Ways to Secure)

In the internet world, this is the common question How to protect my webcam from hackers. because in this age of technology, it has become very important to secure our privacy. Since every person in the world is connected to the internet through some device, the reality of our privacy is questionable.

How to pick a power supply for a gaming PC? (4 Factors)

The power supply is the most important part of a gaming PC. They go bad after a certain time and if they don’t meet the standards, they can ruin your entire system. So How to pick a power supply for a gaming PC? It’s not as simple as looking at its wattage. You should consider factors such as efficiency, connectors, noise output

How to Increase Airflow in PC case? (Steps, Guides)

Creating a more efficient airflow in your computer case is not as difficult as it may seem, and you only need to follow a few guidelines to do it. In the following article, I will cover some of the most important tips on how to Increase airflow in PC case. A computer case is a closed environment that can get very hot, especially if you’re running a lot of games

How to Check Ethernet card speed? (3 Steps, Guide)

You’re using an ethernet card to connect your desktop PC to your router, but your internet speed is too slow. This guide will show you How to check Ethernet card speed is running. Learn how to identify the type of ethernet card that is installed in your PC and learn what each type means for internet speeds.

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