Can the pulse 3D headset be used on PC? (Answer Explained)

Gaming headphones are specifically designed to give an immersive experience to gamers. Despite the platform they are being used, gaming headphones are good for all kinds of media content. Sony’s Pulse 3D headset is a popular gaming headphone for the PlayStation console. But can it be used with a PC?

How to connect Gaming Chair to Xbox one via Bluetooth? (Guides)

Gaming chairs can be one of the most convenient accessories to play games for long hours. Many advanced chairs even vibrate according to the gameplay once you connect the chairs to the consoles. But how to connect the chair to the console? There are many Bluetooth-enabled chairs that can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Why does Radeon software keep crashing? (5 Reasons & Fixes)

AMD’s Radeon software is a comprehensive application to manage all the AMD-related hardware in your PC. Whether it is GPU, CPU, or integrated graphics, this software can help you know the stats and even tweak their performance easily. But some users encountered frequent crashing with it and in this article.

Can you run Nvidia and Radeon together? (Details Inside)

A GPU can work with any PC if the motherboard has appropriate slots to accommodate it. But can you use two different GPUs together in a single PC? We might have heard about using the same brand of GPUs together. What is the possibility of using both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards in one PC? Let us discuss it in this article.

10 Best Simulation Games for Low End PC (in, under 4GB RAM)

If you are a PC user stuck with low-spec hardware, then you might think gaming is out of the discussion. But that is not the case. You can even enjoy simulation games with a low end PC and enjoy them without any interruptions. So, with that in mind, here we have listed the top 10 simulation games you can play on your low end PC.

Can you charge MacBook Pro with iPad charger? (Explanation)

Carrying a charger wherever you go for each and every device can be a bit clumsy. You might wonder whether a single charging brick and cable can be used for all the devices you are carrying. MacBook Pro is quite a large-sized laptop from Apple and if you are on the go, you might have to use a charger with it.

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