8 Best recovery software for corrupted hard disk [Free use]

Data recovery is retrieving data from a damaged or corrupted hard disk. As hard drives are prone to failure, it has become imperative to have effective data recovery software in place. Best recovery software for a corrupted hard disk is designed to efficiently recover lost, deleted, or formatted files from storage media such as hard drives

Can I use Linux Commands on Windows? (5 Best Ways)

Linux Commands are instructions or codes used to interact with computer systems. You can now use these commands on Windows computers as well. Popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Kali Linux, and openSUSE can be found in the Windows Store and easily be downloaded and installed like any other Windows application.

6 Risks of running windows 11 on unsupported Hardware

Windows 11 is the latest version of the popular Microsoft operating system, offering the latest technological advancements to ensure superior performance. While the OS is designed to run on modern hardware, it can also be installed on legacy hardware, which poses some risks.

Can a Mini PC run 3 monitors? (3 Best Setup Options)

People buy mini-PCs for their compact form factor. These PCs may be tiny but are quite powerful in terms of computing power. But what about their graphical capacity? Recent mini PC models are very competent in terms of processing power. You can find both the GPU and CPU to perform

How to know if Sound Card is not Working? (3 Best Methods)

A sound card is a hardware that processes the digital audio signal from your PC and sends it to the speaker or headphones for you to listen to. It is an important piece of hardware without which you cannot do anything related to audio. They also affect the microphone output. Therefore, a sound card becomes

How to make Gaming Lights at Home? (2 Methods, Tutorials)

If you look at professional gamers, their room is always lit up with ambient lighting. You can find RGB lights on their PC, keyboard, mouse, and even in their room. RGB lighting in the PC comes with the case and the hardware you buy. Also, the keyboards can be bought with backlights. But how to set up RGB in a room?

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