How to connect CCTV camera to Raspberry Pi? (4 Procedures)

The advantage of small computer systems like Raspberry pi is that they can be implemented in several areas where budget and size are major constraints. When it comes to CCTV monitoring systems, you can find that high-quality systems are very costly and you may not have much budget.

How to Power Raspberry Pi with Batteries? (3 Simple Steps)

A compact computer system is desired by everyone and people expect it to be portable. Even if the functionality is minimum and its specifications are limited, they serve some of the most basic purposes efficiently. If we know how to power raspberry pi with batteries, it is easy to carry them wherever we want without thinking about their power need.

How Raspberry Pi is different from desktop computer? (9 Vital Things)

Desktops are widely used by most of the people because of its efficient functionality. But everyone in the world doesn’t require such high performing PC. Most of them require simple browsing, Email checking and editing some word files. When these are the basic requirements, a big setup is not necessary.

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