Microsoft’s New Patent is Expected to Benefit Color Blind Gamers

A color correction feature is being patented by Microsoft which enables color blind people to enjoy games. Since color is an important aspect of gaming, Microsoft might have found a solution to tackle this for color-blind gamers.

Till now adding features for color blind people was up to the game developers. This resulted in limited support or most of the time no support at all. But the latest patented technology from Microsoft might develop dedicated software for this accessibility feature and also make it work across almost all games present in the market.

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The patent was submitted a while back but it was made public a few days ago. It mentions a color correction technology that applies a color transformation layer to produce an altered image in accordance with the original image in the post-processing stage.

This is expected to allow Xbox to provide solutions for all types of color blindness without any kind of support or development from the game developers. Microsoft will try to improve this software eventually because color blindness is a widespread disability and have different variations in it.

Apart from the color correction feature, there are rumors which suggest that Microsoft is trying to improve the Xbox Series X chipset and reinvent the model into a slimmer version of the console. Although this is just a rumor, a few years back Microsoft introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller which is the most adaptive and customizable device available in the market today.

The design of the controller allows disabled gamers to customize and optimize their gameplay which removed many accessibility barriers. The recent patent also follows the same pattern where it strives in helping color-blind people to enjoy gaming with an immersive experience.

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