Is Nvidia GeForce 920M good for Gaming? (Answered)

Graphics card manufacturers produce different types of GPUs to satisfy all users. It is not a condition that everyone looking for a GPU is a gamer or video editor. But a GPU is expected to perform well in all media and graphic-related tasks. 

In 2015, Nvidia announced their GeForce 9xxM series to solely increase the graphic performance of entry-level laptops. This mobile GPU has performed well in benchmarks, and it is a great choice for entry-level gaming. 

If you own a laptop and would like to improve your gaming experience, this article will let you know the capabilities of GeForce 920M as an upgrade used for better gaming.

Is Nvidia GeForce 920M good for Gaming

Is Nvidia GeForce 920M good for gaming?

The 920M was primarily designed to satisfy the graphics needs of notebook-type laptops. Nvidia proposed a 3x better performance than other entry-level cards. Their claim was true and the 920M was able to perform great with entry-level games and when it comes to premium titles, you cannot expect more from it.

Let us discuss the different aspects of the GPU and what makes it a good choice for basic notebooks.

Features of GeForce 920M

Kepler Architecture for Power Efficiency

This GPU is based on the Kepler Architecture which comprises 384 shader cores split into two blocks (2 Stream Multiprocessors). This design provides more efficiency without compromising the processing speed. It consumes less power and maintains a cooler working temperature. So, when you play games, this GPU gives better output with low power consumption.

GPU Boost

The base clock speed is 575MHz which is a great speed for lower-end games, and it can boost up to 957MHz. The card can automatically overclock with the help of GPU boost 2.0 provided that the system’s cooling is efficient. So, whenever you are pushing the limits of the card with a demanding game title, it can automatically enhance the performance.

High-Resolution Display Support

One of the most important things for any game is a high-resolution display. It makes the game more enjoyable and the 920M supports 4K resolution displays using the DisplayPort 1.2 or the HDMI 1.4a. You can play the games without any visual discomfort. The High-Res support of the GPU is also accompanied by the 5th gen PureVideo HD video processor for HD video decoding.

Nvidia Optimus Technology

Whenever you are gaming, you need high performance and while you aren’t doing a graphic-intensive task, you don’t need such resources. This is efficiently handled and balanced with the help of Nvidia’s Optimus technology. It optimizes the system to balance between high performance and power consumption intelligently.

So, we can conclude that the 920M is apt for low and mid-range games and they can be played in medium settings. As for high-end titles, you cannot depend on this GPU with higher settings. Maybe some older games can be played but modern titles cannot be enjoyed greatly with this card. 

Since this card is a mobile GPU, it is best suited for notebooks, and you can get decent graphics performance. If you are into professional gaming, then this card is not suitable for you. Also, you cannot do any kind of graphic intense task with this processor.

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Nvidia GeForce 920M System Requirements

Before getting into the system requirements of 920M, let us know the specifications of the card so that it will be easier to understand the requirements.


  • Architecture – Kepler GK208-N16V-GM
  • Process – 28nm
  • CUDA cores – 384
  • Memory – 2GB DDR3
  • L2 cache – 128
  • Base Clock Speed – 575MHz
  • Boost Clock Speed – 954MHz
  • TDP – 25W

The 920M comes with 2GB of memory and consumes only 25W of power at the maximum. So, if you want to enjoy some mid-range games or high-end titles, then you need a slightly powerful system. Therefore, here is a recommended system to use this GPU effectively for all purposes including gaming.

  • CPU – Core i3 – 4110M, 2.6GHz
  • RAM – 4GB DDR3 or more
  • Display – 1080p Resolution or higher

With this spec, you can extract good performance from the card. Also, if you have higher specifications than this, this card can support but you will not be able to experience large changes. 

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How to install Nvidia GeForce 920M on your PC?

First, the 920M is a mobile processor unit. This means that it usually comes with the device, and you cannot get it in retail like other GPU cards. It is not available as a card, and it comes soldered with the device. 

Even if you want to use it in your desktop motherboard, you cannot remove the chip from the notebook motherboard. It is soldered to it, and you cannot remove it from the board. Even if you manage to remove it, you cannot connect it to the PC motherboard. The connections used for a laptop are different from a PC board.

These mobile processors are manufactured for the sole purpose of use in laptops and notebooks. So, it is not possible to use this GPU on a PC. 

Nvidia GeForce 920M – Pros and Cons

Every GPU has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us explore the pros and cons of 920M to use it more effectively.


  • Power efficient GPU
  • GPU Boost 2.0 support
  • Powerful Video Encoder
  • High-Res Display Support
  • Nvidia Optimus technology
  • DisplayPort Support
  • HD audio codec
  • Low power consumption
  • PCIe 3.0 support


  • Mobile Processor
  • Low memory

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Final Thoughts

A few years back, entry-level notebooks didn’t have better GPU and they didn’t provide users with the performance required to play good games. During such times, Nvidia introduced these 900 series processors which provided great performance. 

Also, earlier processors consumed a lot of power and didn’t give much efficiency. So, this 920M provided more performance while consuming very less power. Therefore, this GPU was good hardware at that time.

Now, this GPU can be a very basic graphics card, and playing the latest games can be quite difficult. So, if you want to enjoy some old games without spending a lot, then this 920M is a good choice.

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