Is Mini pc good for Video Editing? (5 Best Reasons)

Mini PCs are an excellent option for video editing. They are more affordable than laptops and have the same power as a desktop. A mini PC is an affordable, powerful, and compact option for video editing. You can get them at a lower price than laptops, they’re just as powerful as desktops, and They’re a lot more portable than those gadgets. Let’s get into the content by starting with the core question.

Is Mini pc good for Video Editing

Is Mini pc good for video editing?

I’m sure that most of you will be thinking about how practical a mini pc is for video editing. As a professional video editor, I have tried working on different types of PCs. It was a wonderful experience for me. So, I have decided to share some of my knowledge with you.

If you are a video editor like me, you might have a question: “Is mini pc good for video editing?”. This question will not irritate you anymore because now I’m here to help you out.

Mini PC is considered a good machine for editing videos. With the advancement in technology, some mini PCs are even more powerful than computers! You can edit 4K, 6k, and even 8k videos with the help of a mini PC.

Now you are aware that you can use a mini PC for editing videos. So, let’s uncover what you need to look at while buying a PC for video editing.

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Reasons Why Mini Pc Is A Good Choice For Video Editing:-

1. Fast Processing Speed

Due to a lot of innovation in technology, Mini PCs are now capable of handling a lot of processes. The processes switch so fast that you will never be able to notice that the processor is just taking one request at a time.

Due to this fast processing capability, Mini PC will be a good choice for video editing.


If you don’t have enough cash in your pocket to buy expensive computers, then Mini PC could be the best option. Mini PCs range from cheaper to the most expensive ones. So, there is always something for every type of buyer.

If you cannot purchase an expensive PC for video editing, you can buy a mini PC with a lower RAM, ROM, and Graphic Card. These hardware resources are replaceable. So if in the future you want to upgrade your PC, you can easily replace these hardware resources with more expensive ones. You don’t even need to purchase a whole PC to get some more hardware resources.

3. Low power consumption

Mini PCs consume meager power and can compile complex processes at low electricity. That’s why it will not add a lot of load to your electricity bill.

4. RAM and Hard drives are upgradable

You can easily upgrade the memory and storage of your mini pc anytime. Moreover, if you want to use your expensive SSD just for processing and your HDD for storing video files, you can do it too with the help of your mini pc.

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5. Compact design

The compact design of mini PCs makes them a good choice for video editing. As a video editor, you have to upgrade your PC according to the requirement of the task that you are performing. Mini PCs come with a compact design. That means most of the components on the motherboard are replaceable. You can do customizations according to your requirements.

Things to look at while choosing a Mini PC For Video Editing:-

Are you looking for a perfect mini PC that you can use for editing videos? If your answer is yes, look at the following essential aspects before making the final decision.

Memory / RAM:

It’s always better to have more memory (However, for professional video editing, your PC should have at least 16GB of RAM)


If you are going for professional video editing, you s, you a Core i9 processor. (Note that you can also use Core i5 or Core i7, but it will make the video editing process a lot slower)

Like towers, technically, you can upgrade the CPU (Processor) of a mini PC, but that will void your warranty, and no manufacturer recommends it. So, things like a CPU (or simply processor) are not upgradeable in mini PCs. That means if you buy a Core i3 CPU now, you won’t be able to upgrade to Core i7 later. While purchasing a mini PC for video editing, you should always choose a CPU you are comfortable with.


More storage means more edited videos you can store. Ideally, for video editing, you should have at least 512GB SSD (You can also use an HDD, but it will slow down the process of editing, and you might not want to wait for a long time)

Operating System:

Your operating system determines the editing software you will use. So, choose it wisely! (If you want to edit your videos on Adobe Premiere Pro, then you should go for Windows OS)

Firewire or Thunderbolt Port:

It’s good to have a Firewire or Thunderbolt Por, whether Built-in or as an external dock

Nice Size Screen:

If you are going to edit HD videos, then 19 to 21 inches minimum is the recommended screen size. You can still use smaller screen sizes, but handling more complex editing projects won’t be easy.

There is no hard and fast rule for buying a mini PC. These specifications and hardware resources are just good enough to kickstart your video editing journey. However, if you have a super budget for a mini PC, you could even purchase a mini PC with far more qualities than the ones I have listed above.

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Final Thoughts:

I hope that this article might help you find the perfect mini PC for your video editing projects. I have also listed some specifications and hardware resources that you should check in a mini PC before buying it for video editing tasks.

If you find this helpful information, then share it with your loved ones to get some benefits from it.

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