How to use Mic Condenser without Sound Card? (2 Best Ways)

Condenser mics are sought for their high-quality audio recording. Their dynamic range and frequency response are higher than any other mic. That is why you can witness several content creators on YouTube use them widely. 

You may think of connecting the mic to the PC and recording high-quality sounds. But how to do it without a sound card? Let us discuss the ways in which you can connect a condenser mic to a PC without a sound card.

How to use Mic Condenser without Sound Card

How to use Mic Condenser without Sound Card?

You can easily connect a condenser mic to a PC without a sound card using a preamp or using a wireless condenser mic that can work with Bluetooth. When you connect the mic using these methods, it will not require a sound card and even if you have one, it will bypass it. 

Let us understand how to connect the mic to the PC using these methods and get to know the benefits of connecting like this.

Using Preamp

This is the best way to connect a condenser mic to PC because a preamp will have phantom power built into it and you can get the highest recording quality. Condenser mics don’t work without the 48V Phantom power. So, even if you have a sound card, you will need to provide this phantom power in some way. So, with the help of a preamp or a mixer instrument, you can make this connection happen. Here are the things and steps you need:

  • Your condenser mic will have provision for connecting an XLR cable. Therefore, you will need an XLR cable, a preamp with USB connectivity, and an appropriate USB cable.
  • First, connect the preamp to the PC using the USB cable. Make sure to get the proper USB cable that suits the preamp.
  • Then, take the XLR cable and connect one end to the mic and the other end to the preamp. The preamp will have the provision for connecting XLR.
  • Now your condenser mic is connected to the PC. Turn on the preamp and install the appropriate software application provided with it on the PC.
  • Go to sound settings and enable the mic you have connected so that you can start recording. You can also make it the default device for recording. 

Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth-enabled condenser mics are powered by an in-built battery which provides the necessary power required for phantom power. So, you don’t need a separate preamp to operate those mics. You can simply connect them to the PC using Bluetooth. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Bluetooth condenser mics will have a built-in Bluetooth transmitter. 
  • As for your PC, make sure that you have a Bluetooth-enabled motherboard. If not get a Bluetooth card or USB Bluetooth receiver.
  • Now enable Bluetooth on your PC and start searching for available devices from the settings.
  • At the same time, turn on your Bluetooth mic and put it in pairing mode.
  • Once your mic is in pairing mode, the PC will automatically detect your device and will ask for confirmation to connect.
  • After pairing the mic, go to sound settings and check whether the connected device is enabled. You can also make it the default recording device.

These are the two methods you can use to connect a condenser mic to the PC without a sound card. Although a sound card is not necessary for a condenser mic, connecting it with a preamp or mixer will provide you with the best result.

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Can I get the same sound quality without a sound card?

Yes, you can get the best sound quality when you connect the mic with a preamp and plug it into the PC using a USB. Because a preamp provides the necessary power and hardware to operate the condenser mic. When the mic gets proper power, it will have higher sensitivity and can record sounds more effectively. 

Apart from that, since the mic is connected to a preamp, it can convert a lower-level signal from the mic and amplifies it. So, you can get a louder and clear voice when recording through it. The level of noise picked up will be very less and you can have the assurance of consistent sound quality. 

Also, the preamps enable you to adjust the recording tone and other features as per your requirement which cannot be expected with a sound card. So, even without a sound card, you can get a higher audio quality with a condenser mic. 

To be precise, you don’t need a sound card to have high-quality audio recording with a condenser-type microphone. The quality will be superior and clearer with a preamp connection.

Pros and Cons of Connecting Mic without Sound Card


  • Better audio recording quality
  • Professional recording setup can be developed
  • Less interference
  • You can adjust the audio quality and the recording features more deeply
  • Software support is available with preamp connectivity
  • Less noise pickup
  • Higher dynamic range
  • Better frequency response
  • Enhanced audio recording even with feeble sounds and voices


There aren’t any cons when it comes to connecting a condenser mic to a PC without a sound card. Because basically, you don’t need a sound card for the condenser mic to operate. 

Even if you connect it to the sound card using analog input, it will not work since many sound cards don’t come with inbuilt phantom power. 

So, you will have to install a sound card with phantom power or use a preamp or mixer which doesn’t require a sound card for processing. 

Therefore, you will not find any disadvantages when using a condenser mic on a PC with or without a sound card. 


Setting up a condenser microphone for recording or live streaming with your PC is an easy task if you use a mic preamp. Your PC having a sound card is not a condition for the condenser mic to work.

Rather the important thing for the mic to work is the phantom power. Instead of finding a sound card with phantom power, you can simply plug it in with a preamp and get the best-quality recording. 

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