How to Recover Data from not detected Internal Hard Disk? (Best Guide, 5 Reasons)

Every day hard disks play a vital role in our life.  They impact our studies, work, and entertainment activities, among other things.  We have several hard drive options, and now we’ll look at the SATA hard disc.

When compared to other hard disc drives, SATA drives are more reliable and have faster transmission speeds.  However, just like an external disc drive, SATA hard discs can show “not detected” errors at times.

Alright, How to Recover Data from not detected Internal Hard Disk? When it relates to this scenario, it is a little nasty. If a hard disc cannot be detected, its data is possibly unsafe as well. But don’t worry; there are solutions. To solve these problems, we must first understand the core reasons.

how to Recover Data from not detected Internal Hard Disk

Disk Management usually detects the hard disc, which also appears as RAW system files. In this case, you can format your disk drive to convert it from RAW to NTFS or FAT32 files.

How to Recover Data from not detected Internal Hard Disk?

The easiest way to recover lost partitions or data from a hard drive that has been mechanically damaged is via employing hard drive DiskGenius data recovery software. The restoration procedure is absolutely safe and will not cause any harm to the device or erase data. Whatever your level of knowledge, you’ll have no trouble performing this activity if you follow the step-by-step instructions below.

# Step 1

  • Start DiskGenius, browse the deleted files’ drive and press the File Recovery option.
  • File Recovery allows you to restore deleted files that were lost due to deletion formatting, formatting RAW drive, unassigned disc, and other data breach circumstances.

# Step 2

  • Pick the recovery options you want to perform, then click the Start button.
  • In the pop-up windows, you will find three options that offer a scanning method.
  • So, you can apply any of these choices to find as several files as needed.

# Step 3

  • Once the scanning is finished, preview the files that were scanned by the application.
  • It is not advised not to do this because previewing files can benefit in determining the quality of the recovery.
  • You just double-click the file to open it in a new pop-up window for better quality assistance.
  • In the instance of audio or video files, you must listen to or check over the file to ensure that it is not damaged.

# Step 4

  • Copy the folders and files you want to restore to a new hard drive.
  • You can select the files and folders you need to recover data from, then right-click on the data you wish to restore and select Copy there.
  • Following that, you may store the recovered data by choosing a location in the pop-up box.
  • Don’t create a target folder on your drive from which you want to retrieve information.

DiskGenius data recovery software Alternative

There are some other softwares which can do the same work like diskgenius data recovery software.

  • EaseUS Partition Master
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard
  • Active Partition Manager
  • Hard Disk Manager 15
  • Paragon Partition Manager
  • AOMEI PE Builder
  • Acronis Disk Director
  • R-Drive Image
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What are the Reasons of Hard disk is not detected on a PC?

There are numerous reasons why Windows or BIOS are unable to identify the status of your hard disc. Here is a list of possible causes to consider:

1-Connection problems

Sometimes, the hard drive is not detected because it is not attached to the pc. For example, there could be an issue with the power source, wire, USB 2.0 port, or other components.

2-There is no hard drive capacity.

If a drive has no partitions and the entire space on the disc is not reserved, the disc will not be recognized on PC.

3-The hard disc lacks a drive letter.

A partition that does not have a drive letter does not appear in File Explorer.

4-The hard drive has not been configured.

If you search up the drive in Disk Management, it will be displayed as “Unknown or not configured” and will not appear on your pc.

5-The disc driver is out of date.

When your pc is unable to detect the attached hard drive, it is possible that the driver on the disc is out of date or is mismatched with your windows OS.

6-Non-functioning sectors

The faulty sector on the hard disc does not respond to write or read operations. The system will not identify a drive that has more than one damaged sector.

7-Other serious damage

Hard drives are made up of movable hardware elements that move and are considerably more sensitive to harm from interactions with SSD. If the heads are destroyed, they cannot be used again.

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Can I fix an undetectable hard disk in Your PC?

Here are a few tips for detecting your hard drive.

Step 1: Examine the hard drive power cable

It is possible that the hard disc will not appear due to poor cable connectors, which must be addressed before you notice the problem. Local hard disks are linked to a PC’s motherboard by the data cable and the power wire.

Check that the two cables work properly and attach the hard disc to the motherboard. If you discover that the connection is not working, you might use a different cable.

Step 2: Format and restart the hard drive

Sometimes the hard disc does not appear in Windows Explorer but displays in Disk Management. Because of corruption issues, the disc seems to fail to show into the PC. After resolving this issue, it is possible you can detect your hard drive.

Step 3: Partition and format hard drive.

Disk Management can show a hard disc that is not partitioned and has total unassigned space on it. So, you must create partitions within the hard drive in order for it to be visible as a disk in Windows operating system.

But, if the hard disc is encountering a partition loss problem, you should not build new partitions until the lost data is restored.

Why Repaired Hard disk may affect your PC?

The possibilities of any issues with the repair hard drive causing an adverse effect on your computer equipment are almost zero.

Problems in the electronics are improbable to result in destructive voltages at the network connector, and nothing else the drive does might harm your computer.

Even if it creates a dead short throughout your power supply, this is unlikely to be a problem; at worst, remove the drive, conduct a hard-power-off, wait about five minutes; then enable the power supply and boot up again.  

A distinct change is the infected HD with a virus. In this case, please do not start your computer from it, and do not run any apps from it.


After reading the full article, you could get the answer “How to Recover Data from not detected Internal Hard Disk?” that does not detect in an easy technique.

One of the most successful approaches mentioned above is to utilize Hard Drive Data Recovery software. The software can restore data from hard discs that are not recognized by bios at any moment.

This article has identified the most reliable techniques for retrieving data from a Seagate internal hard disc that isn’t detecting any problems. Try these suggestions to solve undetected hard drive errors quickly if you are unsure.

Best wishes to everyone! We are confident you’ll find this article helpful for your needs.

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