How to play high Graphics Game on Low End PC? (5 Ways)

Every one of us knows the struggle of getting a new PC especially when the prices have skyrocketed after the pandemic. Some of us have to live with a two-year-old PC due to the unaffordable price range of building a new one. 

Gaming enthusiasts are the ones affected more in such situations. While there are many immersive titles being released continuously, they are unable to enjoy them. But it is not the case entirely. There are a bunch of ways to enjoy games on your grandma PC even the ones with high-end graphics.

If you are struggling with a low-end PC and want to enjoy AAA titles, then this is a guide for you to make the dream come true right away. 

How to play high Graphics Game on Low End PC

How to play high Graphics Game on Low End PC?

You can play high graphics games on a lower-end PC by the following ways:

  • Streaming Games Online
  • Tweaking Graphics Settings in the Game
  • Boosting your Hardware
  • Free Up Space in Your PC
  • End Memory Consuming Applications

Streaming Games Online

This is an excellent way to enjoy any type of game, even AAA titles without any reduction in the performance of the game. In this method, you don’t have to download the game and play it with the poor hardware resources available on your PC. Rather, the game will be hosted on the server and you can just play the streaming game without depending on your PC hardware.

There are many streaming platforms available where you have to subscribe to enjoy the games. Also, you have to choose a premium subscription to have a resourceful server allocated for you to enjoy games with high-end graphics.

You just need a high-speed internet connection to stream games to your low-end PC. It is better to connect the PC with an Ethernet cable for better speed.

Tweaking Graphics Settings

Every game that is released comes with the ability to alter the graphics settings according to your PC capacity. Except for very few games, you will be able to adjust the resolution, effects, lighting, texture, etc. in many titles without any issues. Those few games don’t even boot up without proper hardware resources (e.g., Forza Horizon). 

So, if you want to play other high-end titles, simply launch the game and go to video or graphics settings. Reduce the Resolution to the lowest end possible and turn off all the special effects and tweaks like the Anti-Aliasing, Shadows, Textures, etc. Also, turn down the FPS to the lowest setting so that you can enjoy these games without any lag.

Some games might struggle to run on your PC even after choosing the lowest of settings in the game. In such cases, you have to change the settings from the config files or use third-party software to do it for you. If you plan to do tweaks in the configuration files, then it is recommended to take a backup of the files before adjusting them.

Boosting Hardware with Game Boosters

Using game-boosting software can help you achieve just the right amount of performance you need. Applications like Razer Cortex, can optimize your PC resources and make them available for the game to consume. It can boost the performance of the CPU and GPU, and even clear your RAM for the games to occupy maximum space.

When you combine this with lowering the graphics setting of the game, you will be able to play them very comfortably. Although it may look poor, you can play the game at least. But for some older titles, this hack will not reduce the visual experience and provide you with a better gaming experience.

Free Up Space in the PC

Old PCs are usually dumped with many applications and files which you may not realize. Just by cleaning up those files and removing a bunch of unused data, you can achieve a higher gaming performance. Especially the RAM is freed up significantly which provides space for games to use those resources.

Try to skim through your PC drives and remove unwanted data. You can also try clearing the Temporary files using the Windows Storage settings. Third-party software for scanning and identifying residual files in the PC are available. You can choose those files and remove them to get more space.

This freeing up can make your PC light and enable games to use the available processing power to run games without any performance issues.

End Tasks Consuming Processing Power

Sometimes, there can be applications running in the background that consumes CPU power and Memory abundantly. In such cases, you will have to identify them and end the tasks from running. You can open the task manager and look for processes that consume more CPU and Memory. End those applications and free up resources.

You can also stop the applications from running in the background by removing app permissions in the settings. This will stop the apps from consuming processing power. So, you will have more power to run the games easily.

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Benefits of Playing High-End Games on Low-End PC

It isn’t always disadvantageous to play games on a low-end PC. There are some perks to it too. They are:

  • Avoids the necessity to spend for upgrading the PC
  • Helps you to spend less time on gaming and focus on other works
  • Consumes less power even with high-end titles

So, with the existing resources, you can simply have a good time playing some titles and relax your mood. You don’t have to get a new PC just for casual gaming.

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What happens if I play high-end games on a low-end PC?

Even if you lower the settings and optimize the resources, playing high-end games on a low-end PC, will stress the hardware. Especially, modern game titles come with humongous data and require monstrous resources to run them. 

So, when you try to play them on an old PC, it will be quite difficult for the hardware to run them. There are chances that the CPU and RAM might become over-burdened and fail at some point. Therefore, even if you can run the games on your old PC, it can only withstand casual gaming. 


We have now found different ways to play a high-end game with a low-end PC. Using these guidelines, you can play almost any title on your PC and enjoy them casually. You can avoid spending money on an upgrade and just use the existing hardware to your advantage.

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