How to play GTA 5 on PC with PS4 controller? (3 Methods)

Since the release of GTA 5 on PC, many players have been asking for a way to play the game on their PS4. The game is now available for PS4 and Xbox One, but not for PC. If you want to play GTA 5 on your PS4, you can do so by finding a console from eBay or Amazon.

You will then need to buy a copy of the game from one of these sites as well. In this article we are going to explaining about how to play Grand theft Auto 5 in PC with the help of PS4 Controller.

How to play GTA 5 on PC with PS4 controller? (3 Methods)

How to play GTA 5 on PC with PS4 controller?

With every digital game, it’s hard to figure out which devices you can use to play it because it’s fair that not everyone has a PlayStation.

But if you have or can arrange a PS4 controller, then you can play this game on your PC just the same and here’s how you can do that without any difficulty or the need to download any additional software. There is a way to make sure you get the GTA experience you’re craving for.

Every player linked to GTA 5 has the right to know or has access to different ways to play PC games with different controllers. It would be beneficial if you chose the updates so that you can play more effectively and gain new experiences.

Method 1: Pairing via cable

  • To establish a connection, you must first plug the PS4 controller into the appropriate PC. If you wish to use a controller to play the game on a PC, you must have a connection.
  • Then, in order for Steam to make use of the entire PC screen, you must launch it in big picture mode. You’ll enjoy the perk to practice using the PS4 controller on the PC’s full screen.
  • The controller’s settings must then be selected in order to quickly pair the two devices. When using a controller to play games on a PC, pairing is important.
  • You must uncheck the PlayStation configuration support box while you are in the settings. To play the game with a smooth and forgiving foundation, it will be beneficial for you to have a safe and secure connection to the PC.
  • In order to play a stream, you must restart Steam and launch it there. You must choose GTA 5 in Steam’s big picture mode if you are doing this for GTA 5.

Method 2: Bluetooth method

You will require your device to recognize your PC and vice versa.  In order to connect a generic controller to your PC.

  • Check to see which devices your PC can detect if the connection is made via Bluetooth by opening the control panel and checking that the controller is powered on and has enough battery life.
  • Make sure you have the controller’s drivers if the generic controller is connected via cable. Since these controllers typically have their own plug-and-play mechanism, you frequently do not need to manually install anything.
  • If this is not the case, locate the driver for your particular controller model on the manufacturer’s website.

Method 3: DS4Windows driver

  • The DS4Windows driver can be downloaded (our top pick). Your PC will mistakenly believe that the connected controller is an Xbox 360 controller if you download the DS4Windows driver.

You only need to do the standard procedures to install it for which:

  • Find the installation package’s compressed file in the downloads folder
  • Launch the installer file
  • Then follow the PC’s instructions. Purchasing a wireless USB adapter from Sony is an option to installing this driver.

Reminder: You will need to decide where to save your settings and profiles when you first install DS4Windows. We advise selecting the default choice (Appdata). Also, keep in mind that you must click “Install Driver 360” if you use Windows 7.

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Playing GTA 5 on PC is better; Here’s Why

Since Rockstar games are mission-based, users typically prefer to play them on a PC.

  1. Allows for a bigger screen making it possible for the gamers to enjoy themselves better. It may enable the players to gain new and special experiences
  2.  For all those who love experimenting and trying new things, playing GTA 5 on a PC with a PS4 controller is certainly a stimulating new way to enjoy their hobby
  •  The possibility to use the PS4 controller on a PC opens up a fantastic opportunity to those who cannot arrange or afford a PS4 set altogether.

You have Qs; We have As

How to connect/use a PS4 Controller on a PC for GTA 5?

Steps to connect a PS4 controller on PC:

  1. First make sure that your PS4 controller is USB-connected to your computer.
  2. Launch GTA 5 and select the Options tab
  3. You’ll see a “Configure Controller” option under “Controls”
  4. You can configure the controls precisely how you want them by simply clicking on the settings

For instance, press the left analogue stick on your PS4 controller and move it around on your PC to utilize it as the left analogue stick.

How can I download GTA 5 on PC?

Grand Theft Auto 5 may be activated to be played on PC in a number of methods.

  • First option is to purchase the game from the Rock star Games website; this will come with a code that you can use to download it to your computer.
  • Another option is to install games from different platforms, including PC, via a third-party application like Steam, which can be downloaded for free.

Is it possible to run GTA 5 on a laptop/PC that has 4 GB RAM?

Be it GTA 5, or any other game in this whole game series, it can be run on a laptop/PC with a 4 GB RAM.  For GTA 5, the minimum system requirements clearly mention that players require a 4GB RAM in their PC to be able to play the game.

And for complete insight, you need to have a 2GB Graphics card in combination with an i3 processor. All these specs are a must to get the system to become eligible to run GTA 5.

Although, these are only the minimum system requirements. For some context, this means that you can’t play on HD settings and graphics quality will be compromised.

To hit the 1080P/4K resolution, your PC should have an i5 processor, 8GB RAM and a Nvidia GTX 660 2GB.

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All considered

As gamers, we all love to try new devices and accessories to play with and this article will certainly pave another entirely different method to playing without breaking the bank for those who aren’t in the position to get a hold of a PS4.

So, everything we’ve gathered and mentioned above is essential to learn how to play GTA 5 on a PC using a PS4 controller and we’ve made it incredibly simple that you can follow them to get playing on your PC.

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