How to make Gaming Lights at Home? (2 Methods, Tutorials)

If you look at professional gamers, their room is always lit up with ambient lighting. You can find RGB lights on their PC, keyboard, mouse, and even in their room. RGB lighting in the PC comes with the case and the hardware you buy. Also, the keyboards can be bought with backlights. But how to setup RGB in a room?

There are many commercially available lighting setups you can buy from home improvement stores or online stores. But they always tend to be costly and most of us cannot easily afford them. Therefore, you can create your own RGB Gaming Lights from scratch at your home easily.


In this guide, we shall see how to make gaming lights using LED strips at home. Also, we can look at the different types of gaming lighting you can create at home.

How to make Gaming Lights at Home?

Here, we’ll go through the two best ways to set up your gaming lights. Start by reviewing the directions below.


You can set up your own gaming light with the help of the following things:

  • Acrylic Board
  • Cardboard
  • LED strip light with Controller
  • Hexagonal-shaped mirror plates
  • Adhesive

With this combination, you can create several different models as per your liking, but here we will discuss the most popular gaming light model, the Nano leaf design.

  • The nano leaf design resembles a beehive with hexagonal-shaped boards. 
  • First, download a nano leaf stencil design from the internet.
  • Or simply download a hexagonal-shaped stencil.
  • Cut the acrylic board according to the shape you have on the stencil
  • Most acrylic boards come covered with peel-off stickers that protect the transparent part.
  • You can peel them off after cutting the board into a hexagonal shape.
  • Now take the hexagonal mirror and stick it to the acrylic you had cut.
  • After completing the nano leaf frame, you have to install the LED lights on it.
  • Take a piece of cardboard and cut it into the width of the LED strip light
  • Divide the length into six equal pieces to make a hexagonal shape.
  • You need to cut as many pieces as you have in the nano leaf design you have chosen.
  • Now stick the LED strip light onto six pieces and form it into a hexagonal shape. 
  • Stick this hexagonal LED cardboard at the ends and onto the acrylic. Similarly, do this for all the hexagons.
  • Connect the controller and power up the LED lights
  • You can set up this design on the walls and enjoy a great ambiance with the Nano Leaf RGB Ambient Gaming Lights made by you.


Instead of performing such crafts, you can simply stick the LED strip lights at the back of your monitor setup and enjoy great ambient lighting.

You can also stick it up under your computer desk and get good lighting. There are different models of this LED strip light available. You can choose anything that suits your liking and stick it up against any surface.

Now let us discuss the different types of lights available for gaming and you can choose the best type for you.

What types of lights are best for gaming?

There are basically 5 types of lights available to light up any room, especially for gaming:

  • LED light strips
  • Light Panels
  • Light Modules
  • Projector Lights
  • Table Lamps

LED Light Strips

These are lengthy strips usually found in rolls, which can be unwound and stuck onto any surface and on any orientation. 

It is easy to stick these lights at the back of a monitor or under the table or behind any wall art to project them better. 

A controller comes with a strip that enables you to change the lighting pattern and color according to your preference. 

Many DIY lighting setups can be done just with this LED strip and it is quite cheap when compared to other lighting modules.

Light Panels

These are commercially available readymade panels. You can find them at home improvement stores and online stores. 

They are flat panels or probably box-shaped, with the same LED strip lights stuck at the back or on the inside of it. 

You can hang or stick these panels on the wall in your gaming room and get an excellent lighting setup. The controller comes with the panel itself and some even have a mobile app to control the lighting as per your requirement.

Certain light panels can be sound activated so that according to the game you are playing and the sound it produces, your lighting will actuate accordingly.

Light Modules

These are similar to panels but come in a different form factor. These modules come in various shapes and sizes which can be stuck under the table or placed on the walls.

Except for the shape and size, nothing is different in these LEDs. You can find tube-like modules which can be stuck under the table to give a unique accent.

Projector Lights

This is a unique and attractive lighting setup. It is a projector-like setup where your wall or ceilings can be lit with attractive designs, lighting, and much more.

These projectors come in different sizes and designs. They can be placed on your desk or beside a cupboard. You can point the projection anywhere you like with whatever designs you are provided with.

Table Lamps

As for the table lamps, they are simple lamps but with RGB lighting and can be controlled with a remote. They can be placed on the desk at the corners to light up the entire desk.

It is a simple accessory and you don’t have to do any setups separately. Just buy any product you like online and use it on your desk. 

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Gaming Light Setup Projects on YouTube

1. Nano Leaf Panel Lights at Home under $30

This is a simple DIY guide to setup a good nano leaf gaming lights in your room. It is a very cheap DIY with a total budget of just under $30. The instructions are simple and you can do it without any need for expertise. Towards the end, the instructor may give you the option to create a PCB for mobile application control for the lights. You can either do it or leave it.

2. DIY RGB Lighting Gaming Setup

This is another ultimate DIY video to create a cool RGB light setup for your gaming room. The instructions aren’t explained but it is clear. You can pause the video and do it step-by-step. This setup includes a sound absorption panel along with RGB lighting.

3. DIY $60 Nanoleaf Lamp

If you are looking for a professional lighting setup but without 3D printing or programming, you can look at this DIY video. The instructor gives you step-by-step instructions to create the panels and install the LED strip lights. 


Setting up an RGB gaming light in your room can require some craft work from you but it is not impossible. Just with the help of simple boards and tools, you can create stunning designs as per your requirement and taste. Also, check out our recommended DIY YouTube projects for more detailed construction information.

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