How to increase USB WiFi Adapter Speed? (4 Best Ways)

To get the Internet on your pc, you can connect a wifi adapter to your computer. It’s easy to install and use, and you don’t need any technical skills to use it. However, you may discover that the wifi adapter cannot receive an adequate signal, so how to increase USB WiFi Adapter Speed?

In some cases, you might not be able to get the Internet if you don’t get enough signals from your wifi adapter. It may also be slow to connect if the signal isn’t strong enough. Because we all depend so much on our Internet connections these days, this isn’t the best way to go.

We encountered this problem and before upgrading to the PCI-E wireless adapter. We started looking into ways to boost the signal using our current wifi adaptor. This article is the result of the research and analysis. Check out the rest of this post if you have the same problem. We’re sure this will help you.

How to increase USB WiFi Adapter Speed?

How to increase USB WiFi Adapter Speed?

Because the range of the wifi is limited, you may encounter frequent fall Internet connections or slow Internet speeds. So here are a few tips to boost your wifi adapter signals.

#1 Selecting the best place

The wifi adapter should be placed in the best place and direction to work. Make sure the antenna is in the right place and at the right angle, and also ensure that your wifi connection devices are in the zone.

It would be best to place the wifi adapter to boost signal coverage in upper stories at 45-degrees. This will be quite efficient because the antennas will be straight next to each other on the same level. This method could be helpful to Boost wifi Adapter Signal.

#2 Prevent external intervention

External intervention with the wireless signal can be hard to avoid. Every surface or ceiling can negatively impact wireless adaptor signals, especially if they are made of strong metal material.

People who use microwave ovens, monitors, motors, and copy machines can make High-frequency interference. So, keep your wifi adaptor away from these forms of electric and magnetic interferences to make sure it’s safe.

#3 Enhance the setup of the wifi adaptor

To keep the wireless adaptor from interfering with other networking and radio frequency equipment, we suggest making the correct settings for your wifi adaptor.

The first thing you should do is log into the device. And please go to Wireless settings and change the channel settings; the possible value is Auto. So, if you have a lot of wireless intervention, you should choose channels.

Sometimes the popular channels will be full at capacity, so we advise choosing the most suitable stream for your regional surroundings.

#4 Upgrading the wifi Adaptor

You can also choose to update a combo of antennas or other wifi tools to boost the wifi adaptor if you desire to see a significant improvement right away. Also, wired devices can be recognized when there is too much wireless overcrowding. 

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What are the Benefits of Boosting WiFi Adapter Signal?

There are many benefits to increasing the wifi adapter signal. In this section, we will explore some of the most common benefits that people will get from boosting their wifi signal.

More efficiency

Slow internet speeds mean you can do less work. So, from a business point of view, it is always better to have a high-speed wifi connection.

Reduce your stress

Working with slow internet speeds would be extremely unpleasant. So, it’s clear that your workers will be frustrated if they spend hours at the computer but don’t do as much work as they expected.

More people can use the faster Internet.

Wifi with a high speed offers a lot more network capacity, which means you can expand it out to many people and equipment and maintain the wifi functioning without any difficulties.

Faster Web Connect

People who use the most up-to-date tools and software need a faster internet connection so they can use data and software easily with boosted wifi speed.

Added security

The safety of your business’s website has become more important. People who have fast internet connections can protect themselves from cybercrime and have a lot of other security.

Synchronous Speed

As a result of faster Internet, upload and download speeds will be the same. This is called synchronous speed. Boosted wifi signals make it easier for people to stream and download their favorite shows.

High-speed Internet will also save you time, avoid other problems and headaches, and keep your things running smoothly.

Is there any Software that can boost wifi Signal?

There is software that can help you get a better wifi signal, but before you decide what to do with your connection, you’ll need to choose where to make the changes.

If you have wifi booster software that can inform which networks are nearby, it might help. You can use a computer or other device to test the connection and wifi signal strength.

It cannot be very pleasant when you have a good wifi signal. When it comes to getting faster wifi, there are many options, like wifi booster software, that significantly increase your chances of getting better speeds.

While there is no guarantee that this software will help you achieve your goals, it is pretty useful.

In addition, there is a free version of SuperWifi that can help you keep your wifi connection stable. It can also help you boost your wifi network signal and improve your Internet speed.

Is boosting the wifi signal can damage a PC?

If you want to improve the signal of your wifi adapter, you didn’t damage your computer. But if your Internet speed is faster, you can do more fun at home with your computer, like playing games or watching movies.

Speed and efficiency also play a role in how well you’ll get your money back. Here are a few things that make it better.

  • With high-speed wifi, you can download and upload a lot of data quickly.
  • The best way to play online games smoothly is to have high-speed Internet.
  • You can load the web page quickly if you have boosted wifi signals.
  • Many people can use high-speed wifi.
  • Video chatting or phone calls are simple due to the boosted wifi signal.
  • A high-speed wifi signal allows for online streaming video.

Is the wifi adapter take more power when you boost the signal?

People now use wifi adaptors to connect their devices to the Internet. Due to the fact that wifi routers run all day and night, it would be expected that use a lot of electricity. However, that isn’t true because they use very little energy.

The wifi adapters generally use 6 watt estimate power. To use less electricity, you should put a limit on the power output of the transmitter.

There are various wifi models that use an average of between 6 and 20 watts. However, the wifi adapter takes more power to run when boosting the signal.


It’s true that using a wifi adapter will help you get a high speed from your router. But there are some times when you might experience problems and require to solve them.

Among the most severe problems is that you might not get a reasonable speed, and this is where the article on How to Boost wifi Adapter Signal comes to the rescue.

In this post, we’ve talked about multiple simple things you can do to boost the overall signal of your wifi adapter.

Make sure you haven’t changed your wifi adaptor, but if none of it is working and you haven’t wanted to adjust it, consider a new adaptor.

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