How to increase USB WiFi Adapter Speed? (5 Best Ways)

There are no doubts about the practical functionality of a USB WiFi adapter; it is a fantastic device. But these adapters tend to offer a slower internet speed to your devices after a while of usage.

This situation can be frustrating when you are sure about the internet speed, yet you don’t get it. You can no longer play the games efficiently, files take an extended time to load, and tasks to be done urgently get late, all due to slower internet.

Finally, you have come to the right place; this blog will end your frustrations. Here I will explain multiple ways of boosting your USB WiFi adapter’s speed so you can say hello to efficient internet usage again.

So let’s not waste any time and get right into it!

How to increase USB WiFi Adapter Speed

How to increase USB WiFi Adapter Speed?

Before you get on to increasing the speed of your USB WiFi adapter, make sure the internet is working fine. Place the WiFi router at a height, so fewer obstructions come between your device and the WiFi router.

If these steps are not improving the speed of the internet, then continue to read forward.

Prevent External Intervention

External intervention with the wireless signal can be hard to avoid. Every surface or ceiling can negatively impact wireless adapter signals, especially if they are made of strong metal material.

People who use microwave ovens, monitors, motors, and copy machines can make High-frequency interference. So, keep your WiFi adapter away from these forms of electric and magnetic interference to make sure it’s safe.

 Enhance the setup of the WiFi adapter

To keep the wireless adapter from interfering with other networking and radio frequency equipment, we suggest making the correct settings for your WiFi adapter.

The first thing you should do is log into the device. And please go to Wireless settings and change the channel settings; the possible value is Auto. So, if you have a lot of wireless intervention, you should choose channels.

Sometimes the popular channels will be full at capacity, so we advise choosing the most suitable stream for your regional surroundings.

 Use a USB Extender/ Repeater

This is one of the quickest and easiest solutions to slow USB WiFi adapters. A USB extender increases the range of your WiFi and provides a solid connection to devices at a distance. So, if you have a large room or work area, use a USB extender to perform all your tasks seamlessly.

Use a Different Router Channel

WiFi routers have channels through which they send and receive users’ data and allow internet browsing. If many routers use the same channel, it becomes crowded, and the internet speed decreases.

So, what you can do is that shift to a WiFi router channel with fewer connections. The most common ones are 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. This provides a faster data transfer route, ultimately increasing your internet speed.

Get a New Router or USB WiFi Adapter

This is an expensive solution and should not be the first choice of any user. One should try specific options to improve the adapter’s performance. But if it consistently fails to provide a decent speed, get a new one.

Do not forget to test your internet speed on other devices. If they also receive a lousy speed, it’s time to get a new router. Routers or adapters with double or triple bands offer the best connectivity and a more extended range.

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Benefits of Boosting WiFi Adapter Signal

Boosting your WiFi adapter signals has several benefits for any user. It is necessary if you cannot perform your regular tasks on time. Some of the most notable benefits of boosting WiFi adapter signals are:

Faster Internet

One of the most obvious reasons and benefits of boosting WiFi adapter signals is a better internet speed. If you are receiving slow internet speed from a USB WiFi adapter, boost its signals, and the issue will most likely be solved.

This allows you to play your games better, get your tasks done faster and offers a smooth browsing experience, all with the same adapter.

Quick Solution to Slow Internet Speed

It often happens while using a USB WiFi adapter and loses its efficiency. A decent internet is never achieved, which might put you in trouble.

To get out of this problem quickly, boosting your WiFi adapter signal is a great idea. In most cases, only a few minutes are required to recover your internet speed.

Saves Money

Boosting your WiFi adapter’s signal is always an economical solution to slow internet speeds. If you opt for buying a new router or adapter, it will cost you something.

But if you boost it using any of the mentioned techniques, your effort will be invested only. This way, you can save a sum of money and yet get your internet issue solved.

Is there any Software that can boost WiFi Signal?

The short answer to this question is, Yes. Several software in the market claim to boost your WiFi signal and improve the connection strength.

But before you head on to looking for the best WiFi signal booster, ask yourself this one question. Do you really need one?

Several techniques are mentioned in this blog, using which you can quickly boost your WiFi signals. Some of the techniques are a bit technical, and you might be unable to perform them accurately.

This is where the WiFi signal boost software comes in. They make signal boosting as simple as one click, which is why most people buy it.

But most internet users today can efficiently use the internet and devices. So if you are one of those, you can do the boosting signal process on your own and save money.

But even if you buy one, research thoroughly and choose the right service.

Can boosting the WiFi signal damage a PC?

The purpose of boosting WiFi signals is to improve the internet speed so you can perform your tasks with significant efficiency. The entire process has not much to do with your PC health and is less likely to affect it.

During the signal boosting process, you change WiFi channels, update router firmware or add an extender during the signal boosting process. The process is straightforward and is not harmful to your PC health.

Although if you select the wrong options or do something other than how it was supposed to be done, your system might get affected.

Or, if you are using software that is not legit, then your PC might get hacked. So if you have bought the right software for boosting signals or are doing the process yourself, your PC is at no threat.


The Internet is no longer a comfort but a necessity. If you are using a USB WiFi adapter and getting slower internet speeds, it’s a problem that should be solved.

Buying a new adapter is a great option, but sometimes the issues are minor and can be solved. It is, therefore, better to try all the free ways of increasing USB WiFi adapter speed.

If that does not work for you, you can either buy software to do the job or replace the entire equipment.

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