How to enable Microphone on Virtual Machine? (2 Methods)

Virtual machines are an excellent way to use a separate OS or any other program using the available hardware resources on our PC. It is like using a totally different system within your existing system. So, practically you must be able to use all the resources of your real PC in the virtual machine (VM). But sometimes, they aren’t automatically enabled in the virtual world. 

Take for instance the microphone. Even if you have connected it to the PC, it may not be automatically redirected to the VM, and you need to adjust the settings to establish a connection. So, in this article, we shall discuss how to enable the mic on a windows virtual machine easily.

How to enable Microphone on Virtual Machine

How to enable Microphone on Virtual Machine?

To connect an external device like a microphone to the VM, you must first add the device to the VM, and then it will be redirected. So, follow these steps to add the mic and get a connection in the VM.

Method 1 – Steps to enable mic in VM

  • Go to the HyperV manager console and choose the VM you want to connect the mic with.
  • Right-click on the VM and click on connect to start the VM.
  • You need to check whether you have an enhanced session enabled. So, click on view and enable enhanced session.
  • Now you will have a prompt showing Connect to with your VM name. At the bottom left corner, you can find Show options. Click on it.
  • In the next prompt, click on the Local resources tab. 
  • Here you can find a menu called Remote Audio. In that menu, click on settings.
  • A prompt called audio settings will open. Under Remote Audio recording, enable the Record from the computer option.
  • Click on OK and connect the VM. 
  • Now your VM will be able to recognize the mic. It will be redirected from the PC to the VM.

Sometimes, you might have saved your settings in the VM for future connections. This will not display the Connect to prompt and you cannot do the above-mentioned steps. Therefore, you need to reset the saved settings for the VM using the following steps.

  • In the HyperV manager, right-click on the Host and select HyperV settings.
  • In this prompt, under User, click on the Reset Check Boxes option on the left. It will display the reset option on the right side. 
  • Click on reset and Click Ok.

Now, your saved settings are reset, and you will be able to get the Connect to VM Name prompt. Follow the steps to connect the mic to your VM easily.

Method 2 – Steps to Enable Mic in VM

  • If you are using a VMware workstation, then it is quite simple to enable the mic. 
  • Remove the mic from the local PC.
  • Now start the VM you want to connect the mic to and wait till it boots.
  • Once the VM is ready, click within the window of the machine.
  • Now plug the mic while the required VM is clicked upon.
  • You will find the mic connected to the machine and ready for usage.
  • If you still don’t find the mic enabled, go to settings within the VM and search for microphone settings.
  • Enable access by turning on allow access to all apps. This will give access to the mic and you can use the device within the VM.

These are the ways in which you can use a mic in VM easily. According to the console you are using to create a VM the procedure differs.

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Why do we need to enable the microphone manually?

Since a VM works like a separate entity from the PC, there is no way the mic connected to the PC will automatically redirect to the VM. As a security and privacy feature, Windows wants the user to enable the mic manually in the remote session or VM so that it cannot be misused. 

If you don’t want to use the mic in the VM and if it automatically gets redirected, you may lose your privacy and unwantedly leak information through it. So, as a privacy feature, it is not automatically enabled.

Another reason for this is that most of the users of VM don’t seek to use a mic with it. So, instead of making it default, it is made to be done manually.

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Which software needs to enable a microphone on a VM?

Generally, any application can use the mic on the VM, and it is not a condition. Popularly, VM users ask for a microphone connection to use Skype and other video-calling applications within the VM. Users do a video conference with these applications in the VM. 

Apart from specific applications, you can also use the mic to record audio and store it within the VM. If you are taking logs of the task you are performing, you can record the log as audio and refer to it whenever you require a revision of your job.

So, any software application that requires a mic to get audio input will need enabling of the device’s manually. Only then you will be able to use it in the VM. Without enabling the mic, it will only work on the local PC and will not redirect to the VM automatically.

Once you have enabled the mic, you can save the settings and whenever the VM is connected, it will automatically redirect the mic.


The advantages of VM are endless and it saves you a considerable number of resources and money. So, when you can use the VM for any purpose, you must be able to use the audio input and output devices too. This guide will help you to connect the mic to your VM easily and get connected through video calls with your client. Even if you run incompatible software on the VM, you can enable the mic with the same steps and use it efficiently. You can use any type of software that may require a mic within the VM and use it effectively.

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