How to connect All in one PC to TV HDMI? (Easy Steps, Facts)

All-in-one PCs (AIO PC) are sought for their sophisticated setup. It avoids the big PC cabinets and comes with a sleek and simple design. They also usually come with a touch display and the size of the screen is also wide enough. Since every piece of hardware is compactly fixed to the back of the display, they don’t occupy much space in our workspace.  

But sometimes you want to connect it to another screen which is bigger. Take for instance a TV. If you want to entertain yourself or do some presentations, a TV might provide a wider display which is comfortable to view from longer distances. 

Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss the step-by-step guide to connecting an AIO PC to the TV using the HDMI interface.

How to connect All in one PC to TV HDMI?

It is very easy to connect an AIO PC to a TV with an HDMI cable. You will need to confirm whether both the TV and your AIO have an HDMI port. Let us look at the steps to connect:

Place the AIO in a suitable space probably closer to the TV. Usually, the TV might be wall mounted or kept on a stand. Therefore, move the AIO near the TV. Otherwise, you can measure the distance between the TV and your AIO PC and get an HDMI cable of that length. 

Almost all the AIO PCs will have an HDMI port. The generation might be older, but the presence of an HDMI port is imminent. So, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the port on the PC.

Similarly, all modern TVs are equipped with an HDMI port. You just have to find it on your TV with the help of the user manual. 

Most TVs will have their ports on the sides or at the back. Find the port and connect the other end of the cable to the TV HDMI port. Now you have physically made the connection. 

When you turn on the TV and PC you might not get the output of the PC on the TV. Because you have to change the display output in the AIO as well as in the TV. Here are the steps to change the display output:

  • First, turn on the TV and go to the input menu. It can also be called simply menu or your TV remote might have a button to access the TV input.
  • Go to the input menu and change the TV input to HDMI. You might have multiple HDMI ports. Therefore, choose the appropriate one. 
  • Now your TV is set to display the output from your AIO PC
  • Turn on the AIO and go to settings
  • Select Display and choose Multiple Displays
  • Since you have connected the TV to the AIO, it will detect the TV screen
  • You can choose to Duplicate the screen, Extend, or second screen only. 
  • Duplicate will create a copy of your AIO screen on the TV
  • Extend will create an extension of the AIO screen with which you can use it like a secondary display to your PC
  • If you choose Second screen only, the AIO display will turn off and you will have output only on the TV screen
  • You can choose whichever mode is required and start using the TV screen as your PC display

These are the steps to connect the AIO PC to the TV using an HDMI cable. You can now enjoy games, media, and other multi-tasking programs easily.

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What to look for before connecting an AIO PC to a TV HDMI?

Since AIO machines are made very thin and compact, they will not have big hardware. This means that there can be some limitations to the usage of AIO with the TV. Therefore, here are the factors to consider before connecting AIO to TV.

  • Graphics Card Capacity – AIOs are usually built with integrated graphics which have very less video memory which hiders the ability to perform highly intense graphical tasks. This means that you cannot connect many monitors to the AIO. So, if you already have multiple monitors connected to the AIO, check whether it will give output to the TV when it is connected to it. 
  • HDMI support – Although there are more chances that your AIO will have HDMI and your TV will also have it. But it is better to check its availability and compatibility. It doesn’t have to be the same generation to produce an output. But if they are the same gen ports, you can have better video and audio quality.
  • Distance Between the devices – If your AIO is far away from the TV, then you might not get a long cable to connect them without changing their positions. You might have to move one of them closer to another.
  • Port location – The location of the port in your AIO will be easily accessible. But your TV might have the port at the back and if you have wall-mounted it, connecting the cable might be quite difficult.

These are the factors you have to consider before connecting the AIO PC to the TV via HDMI.

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What are the uses of connecting an AIO PC to a TV?

There are many potential uses for connecting AIO PC to TV. Here are some of them you can try with your AIO:

  • Entertainment Media – If you don’t have a smart TV, connecting your AIO can provide you with all the advantages of a PC. You can browse the internet at your convenience, watch movies on OTT platforms, and do all sorts of entertainment easily.
  • Gaming – For those who like to play games on a bigger screen, you can try connecting the AIO to your HD TV and enjoy ultimate gaming. If your AIO is powerful enough to run big titles, it will be heavenly to play games on a larger screen.
  • Multitasking – Although AIOs come with a reasonably big screen, you can maximize your multitasking ability with a bigger screen. Also, with a wireless keyboard and mouse, you can sit comfortably on your sofa and work on your PC.

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We know the complete guide to connecting AIO PC to a TV with an HDMI interface. Now you can increase your productivity, entertainment, and multitasking by connecting both these devices. With the big screen of your TV, you can do a lot of tasks comfortably. 

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