How to Check iMac Serial Number? (6 Best Ways to lookup)

Every tech is susceptible to damages and you might need to contact the manufacturer to claim a warranty. iMac is one of the expensive tech products available in the market and you might need to use all the free or discounted service options available for it.

Apple products can be claimed for warranty or the famous Apple care service options can be used only when you know the serial number of your device. Without a serial number, Apple cannot verify the device or get the proper parts for your device’s model. But where to find the iMac serial number lookup?

So, here are the different ways you can use to find and check iMac serial number of your PC.

How to Check iMac Serial Number?

There are six ways in which you can find out the the iMac serial number lookup. You can use any one of them and get the serial number right away. Knowing all the ways can help you to find it out in one way or another. 

Look Back of the Device

This is the simplest way to find out the serial number of your iMac. Also, this method helps you when the device is not working or turning on. 

On the back side of your iMac, you can find some writings like Designed by Apple. Check out the lowest line and you can find a writing “Serial”. The numbers adjacent to it is the serial number of your iMac.

When your device is not working or when you have issues with your iMac display, you can use this method and check out the serial number.

Present in About iMac Option

Every iMac has an option called About iMac which gives all information about the device. 

  • Click on the Apple symbol at the top left corner of your home screen. 
  • Then click on the About this iMac option. This will open up a tab. Here click on the Overview option.
  • Here you can find the serial number of the device and use it for your needs.

This is another simplest way to find the iMac serial number location, if the device is working well.

Using Terminal Command

You can enter some commands in the terminal command and find out hardware and software data about your device.

In your iMac, search for the Terminal command and open it. Then enter the following command:

system_profiler SPSoftwareDataType SPHardwareDataType

Then hit enter and you can find the serial number under the Hardware overview data.

This method will help you to find out the serial number of your device at any point in time if your device is working properly.

System Report of your iMac

A system report is a complete report of your Apple device that mentions everything about all the hardware you are using. In this report too, you can get your serial number.

  • To access this, click on the Apple symbol in the top left corner.
  • Then click on System Settings and choose the General Settings option in the sidebar.
  • On the right side, click on About and then choose System Report.
  • Here you can find the serial number of your iMac under Hardware Overview. 

You can also print out a complete system report from this menu for future use.

Apple ID account

If you have connected all your Apple devices to your Apple ID account, then you can find the serial number of your iMac through it.

Go to this link: You just have to log in to your Apple account using your Apple ID and choose Devices.

Here, you can find the list of all the connected devices and click on the iMac.

This will list you the system information including the serial number of your device. This method is very helpful when you don’t have the device in proximity.

But make sure to link your devices to your Apple ID account for this method to work.

Check your Original Purchase Receipt

If you don’t have access to any of the above-mentioned methods, you have to look out for the original purchase receipt and check for the serial number from it.

Every Apple product purchase invoice mentions the Serial number of the device. So, you can easily get the serial number of your iMac if you have the purchase receipt.

The original purchase receipt will also help you to claim your warranty with Apple. Therefore, try to file your purchase receipt or get an invoice through email so that you can download the invoice whenever you want.

These are the different methods you can use to get the serial number of your iMac device. 

Once you have the serial number, you can use it to verify the integrity of your iMac or claim Apple care services authentically. There are other benefits to knowing your iMac’s serial number. Let us know them all.

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Why do you need to check the iMac serial number?

The iMac serial number can be helpful for you in the following reasons:

Check the Authenticity of the Device

Whether you are going to purchase the device or sell it, you must ensure the authenticity of the device.

Especially in this age where there are many fake devices on the go, purchasing from a previous owner must be verified. 

Apple has a way to find out the Genuity of the product by checking it out in their database. But for that, you must have the serial number of the device.

So, with the help of an iMac’s serial number, you can look up the device in the Apple database and check whether it is the real deal or a fake one.

Check Whether New or Refurbished

Sometimes resellers may deceive you by selling a refurbished model saying that it is brand new. If you know the status of your iMac, you can buy it with trust.

This is where the device’s serial number comes into play. With the iMac’s serial number, you can find out whether the device is brand new or refurbished.

If it is refurbished, you can easily bargain the price and get it far cheaper than new devices. 

Ownership Verification

Whether you are selling or buying an iMac, you have to verify ownership and it can only be done by providing the serial number.

None other than a real owner of the device can know the serial number. So, the possession of the iMac’s serial number ensures the real ownership of the device.

If you find the seller not having a serial number, you can ask them to look it up to make sure of the authenticity. Otherwise, you can avoid buying from such people.

Warranty Claims and Service

When your device gets damaged within your warranty period, you can claim a warranty from Apple. But you will compulsorily need to verify your iMac by providing the serial number of the device.

Even if you don’t have a warranty and are in need of Apple’s services, you have to provide the serial number in the store to verify ownership.

Without a serial number you cannot enjoy Apple’s services or Apple care options. 

So, due to these reasons, it is important to know your Apple iMac’s serial number at any time. Find out the number in any one of the previously mentioned ways.

What does the serial number look like?

Apple product’s serial number is a 10-digit code that comprises both English alphabets and numbers. 

It may look something like this: X02YZ1ZYZX

You can find this for every Apple product and use this to check out the Genuity of the device. 

How can you verify the serial number is valid?

You can check out the validity of the number or the device itself by entering the serial number in the following link:

Enter your iMac or any device’s serial number in this link. It will fetch the device information from Apple’s database if the device is genuine.

This confirms the validity of the serial number and this will help you to understand the warranty coverage of the device too.

What information is encoded in the serial number?

We know that the serial number is a 10-digit alphanumeric code. It represents the following details about the device:

  • The first two digits – Represents the assembly plant ID. It may be any one of Apple’s manufacturing plants located around the world. It is represented in alphanumeric.
  • The third digit – Represents the assembly line number in alphabet
  • Fourth and Fifth digit – Represents the production date in alphabets
  • Sixth, seventh, and eighth digit – Unique identification number of the device which is completely numerical.
  • Ninth and tenth digits – Represents the model of the phone in an alpha-numeric fashion.

Sometimes there can be more than ten digits which represents the color of the device. This is the information encoded in the serial number of any Apple device’s serial number. 


Now we know how to check iMac serial number of any Apple device for that matter. Also, we have understood the importance of iMac serial number lookup which helps in identifying the Genuity of the device and confirms the authenticity of ownership.

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