How to Check Ethernet card speed? (3 Steps, Guide)

You’re using an ethernet card to connect your desktop PC to your router, but your internet speed is too slow. This guide will show you How to check Ethernet card speed is running. Learn how to identify the type of ethernet card that is installed in your PC and learn what each type means for internet speeds.

How to check ethernet card speed?

If you are a windows user, you can check the speed of the ethernet cord from the control panel settings.

How to check ethernet card speed
  1. In the Network and Internet settings of the control panel menu
  2. click on the change adapter options.
  3. Then you can choose the ethernet card and right-click.
  4. Click on the status menu and you can get all the information including the speed of the card.
  5. Similarly, mac users can search for network utilities.
  6. Under the network interface, you can choose the ethernet option and get information on the speed.

What is a good ethernet speed?

Internet speeds have evolved enormously over a short period of time and it is still increasing in its performance. A good ethernet card should support a wide range of speeds. Earlier 10 Mbps was good but now it has gone up to 10Gbps.

So, your ethernet must support such speeds to utilize the maximum output. It is better to have an ethernet speed of more than 100 Mbps. Because even in remote areas you can get good connectivity.

How can I make my ethernet speed faster?

Slow Ethernet speeds can arise from several different things. If nothing is wrong with the service provider, then you must look into the pc for other issues. The basic thing you can do is to disable your card for sometime and restart it.

You can also restart the whole machine to remove any cache or temp files that may consume the speed unnecessarily. Also, you can run a troubleshoot in your network settings to fix things automatically.

Even if you don’t get the required speed you might try to scan for any malware. It is best to upgrade the ethernet card if none of the things work.

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Do ethernet cards affect internet speed?

Your internet speed can be of higher value. Whereas if your ethernet card can only support limited speed then you won’t be able to access the internet at that speed.

Your ethernet card decides the speed at which you access the internet. Your service provider may offer more than 1 Gbps. But if your ethernet card can only support 100 Mbps, then you can access the internet only at that speed.

Do Ethernet cable brands matter?

A good-quality ethernet cable can transfer a large amount of data with good speed. It is important to choose a good cable and that can be expected from a popular brand.

Famous brands will try to keep up the standard manufacturing quality and provide good customer service too. So, ethernet cable brands matter if you would like to have uninterrupted speed while surfing the internet.

Why checking Ethernet card speed is important?

Here are some reasons why you should check your Ethernet card speed:

  • If your computer or Wi-Fi is lagging or taking too long to connect to the internet, make sure your Ethernet card speed is up to par;
  • If you’re using a new computer with an old ethernet card, it might not be able to perform at its full potential. It’s better for your computer performance if the card is replaced before it becomes obsolete;

Final Words!

Ethernet cards are an integral part of internet connectivity. You must possess a good ethernet card and cable to have speedy internet access.

Check your ethernet speed before buying an internet connection from your service provider. If you like to have higher speeds then consider upgrading your ethernet card.

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