How much does it cost for Minecraft PC? (2 Best Suggestions)

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world with around 17 million players worldwide. It is a creative game where the players can create buildings and explore other creations on the server. This fun-filled game with two modes can be either played as a single player or join others online on game servers.

You can play this on any device including a PC. If you are looking for hardcore Minecraft gaming, then may have the question of building a PC specifically for it. It is important to understand the requirements of the game so that you can confirm the specifications needed for the PC to be built.

To aid that process, we are providing you with the complete list of requirements to play the game along with the cost of building a PC complying with those requirements. Check it out and start building a Minecraft PC right away!

How much does it cost for Minecraft PC

How much does it cost for Minecraft PC?

Minecraft PC can be built with an entry-level PC that costs just $200 to $300 or it can be built with a high-end PC that may cost up to $2000. The minimum requirements for the game to run are very low and you can easily play the game even with an old PC with entry-level hardware.

Let us look at the minimum and recommended system requirements of Minecraft PC and find out the cost of building them:

Minimum Requirements

Hardware Version Cost
CPU (Option 1) Intel Core i3-3210 $50
CPU (Option 2) AMD A8-7600 APU $40
GPU (Option 1) Intel HD 4000 $70
GPU(Option 2) AMD Radeon R5 $50
RAM 4 GB $30
Hard Drive 1 GB (We will consider 500GB HDD) $30
PSU 500W $50
Motherboard (Option 1) For Intel $70
Motherboard(Option 2) For AMD $50
  • Cost of building an Intel based PC with minimum requirements – $300 Approximately.
  • Cost of building an AMD based PC with minimum requirements – $250 Approximately

Recommended Specifications

Hardware Version Cost
CPU (Option 1) Intel Core i5-4690 $104
CPU (Option 2) AMD A10-7800 APU $155
GPU (Option 1) GeForce 700 Series $109
GPU(Option 2) AMD Radeon RX 200 $140
RAM 8 GB $40
Hard Drive 4 GB SSD (We will consider 250GB SSD) $50
PSU 500W $50
Motherboard (Option 1) For Intel $105
Motherboard(Option 2) For AMD $110
  • Cost of building an Intel-based PC with recommended specifications – $458 Approximately
  • Cost of building an AMD-based PC with recommended specifications – $545 Approximately

Therefore, within a $600 build, you can get a good PC to play Minecraft and enjoy the game without any issues. You will not get any kind of lag or loss in the frame rate with the recommended specification.

If you are really on a tight budget, then you can go for the entry-level build which will cost only around $300. The game will be playable but you may lack some graphics features and performance.

On the other hand, you can have an ultimate setup with all the latest tech in CPU, GPU, RAM, and Motherboard. But such a type of build is not necessary to play this game. If you are planning to play other games along with Minecraft, then you can go for such heavily built machines. But Minecraft will only use a little of your huge spec hardware to run the game.

Therefore, if your only aim is to play Minecraft, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for building a PC for it. A simple build under $600 will be more than enough to play the game comfortably.

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Why does Minecraft need a dedicated PC?

Minecraft doesn’t need a separate PC for playing the game. It is very light on the hardware and doesn’t expect many resources. If you are already having a PC for other tasks, it can run the game very easily.

Almost any PC can run this game and you don’t have to go for a separate build. Even pre-built PCs and old PCs can easily run the game without any issues.

Getting a dedicated PC for Minecraft will only enhance the gameplay and gaming experience to a very small level. Even if you reach the highest spec available, you will not notice a big difference in it. There will be slight improvements in the renderings and smooth frame rates in the gameplay.

Most of the time you cannot even notice a difference between a high-end PC with a Minecraft game. Therefore, a dedicated PC is not necessary for this game and you can simply enjoy it on any of your existing devices.

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Can I use Minecraft PC for other usages?

You can use a Minecraft PC for any usage and it is subject to the type of build you have done. If you have a premium build, you can even play higher-end gaming titles with ultimate graphics settings.

If you have a mid-range build, you can simply play average game titles with medium or high graphics settings. Also, you can do other day-to-day tasks with the PC without any issues.

If your build is entry-level, you can play Minecraft and do some minimal tasks with the PC. So, according to the build, you will be able to increase the tasks, productivity, and efficiency.

Apart from that, high-end PCs can also let you perform video edits, 3D model renderings, and other intense tasks along with Minecraft gaming.

This game is very light and you can comfortably multitask. You never have to worry about increased RAM or CPU usage. Also, it is very easy on the others hardware.

It is recommended to build a PC for general purposes and you can enjoy a game of Minecraft with that machine itself. You don’t have to give great concern to play this game on a dedicated machine.


If you are a Minecraft lover, you will need a PC to enjoy the game at its best. But at the same time, you don’t need to empty your pockets for building a machine for this. Therefore, you can check out the recommended requirements and build a system according to them. This will enable you to enjoy the game as well as use it for other important tasks and purposes.

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