How many Watts do a Modem and Router use? (Answered)

In a household or office space, there are very few things we keep turned on all the time. One such thing is the router along with the modem. They are usually kept on 24/7 to ensure connectivity all day long. They are small electronic devices that don’t consume much electricity.

But if you are wondering how much they consume, here is a common way to know the current consumption. With this data, you will be able to decide whether to keep it on or it is better to turn it off when not needed.

How many Watts do a Modem and Router use

How many watts do a modem and router use?

Today, modern routers come with the modem and they aren’t two separate devices. So, the data we mention here comprises the total current consumption of the router which has an in-built modem.

Generally, routers use around 2W to 20W of power. The power consumption varies according to the model and type of router you are using. If your router is a normal single-band router with a limited range, then it might only consume 2W. If you have a more powerful router then it may consume anywhere from 15W to 20W.

Some Wi-Fi routers can consume more than 40W when used continuously. They have the latest Wi-Fi technology and can cover a larger range with multiple devices. Such routers naturally consume more power than others.

Before getting into power consumption, here are some of the basic terms you should be aware of to understand the matter completely:

# Router Wattage

Every device uses electrical power to work. This is calculated in Watts. When we say router wattage, it means the amount of power it uses per hour. For example, if a router has a wattage of 15W, then it means the router uses 15 Watts of power per hour of usage.

This is an important factor while understanding the power consumption of any device. This power data will be mentioned by the manufacturer itself. So, to know the wattage of your router, look into the box it came in or visit the manufacturer’s website.

# Operating Hours

In order to find out the total power consumption of any device, you must know the wattage as well as how many hours it will be turned on.

Since routers are turned on 24/7, we can assume that the operational time is 24 hrs. If you are turning it off and on, try to calculate how many hours it is turned off.

# Calculate Power Consumption of Your Modem and Router

We now know how to find out router wattage and the operational hours. With these two data, you will be able to find out the total power consumption of any device. If you know the cost of electricity in your area, you will be able to calculate your monthly charges from the usage of the router.

So, if you want to calculate the power consumption for your router uses the following formula:

Router Wattage * 24h * 30days = Total No. of Wh Consumed in a Month

Total No. of Wh Consumed / 1000 = Total No. of KWh consumed

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Do modem and router use more power on internet usage?

The amount of internet usage has an effect on the power consumption of the router and modem. But it is insignificant and doesn’t show a big change in your overall watts.

When the router is idle, it doesn’t do much work. But when you are accessing the internet with your device, the router has to operate with the modem, receive and transmit the signal to the accessing device.

This consumes some amount of power more than the idle situation, but it is very small such that it doesn’t make a difference in your overall power consumed.

So, there will not be any significant change in your electricity charges whether you keep it on all day, use it vigorously, or turn it off when not in use.

But if you are considerate about the environment and want to contribute something, you can turn the router off when not in use. Especially certain router models consume more than 40W of power, which can be turned off when idle to save a significant amount of electricity.

Can I use a power bank for the modem and router?

There are options to use a power bank to run the modem and router. But you cannot directly plug it in. Because a power bank works with 5V DC whereas a modem or router requires 12V DC.

So, to make this setup work, you will need a DC-to-DC converter that can step up the voltage of the power bank to 12V and supply it to the router.

Also, you need an interface to connect the USB cable of the power bank to the router power cable. There are USB devices readily available with the DC converter which can be used to power up the modem and router easily. They might be quite expensive too.

Can I use a mobile charger for the modem and router?

Mobile chargers are a convenient and cost-effective way to charge your phone. However, some people have been wondering if you can use a mobile charger for other devices as well.

The answer is yes and no. You can use a mobile charger for your modem and router, but it depends on the type of charger you are using.

The average mobile charger can provide up to 3A of power, while a modem and router might need more than 4A.

If you are using a mobile charger for your modem and router, there is a chance that the charger will not be able to provide enough power for both devices. In this case, it would be best to use an external battery pack instead of the mobile charger.


Routers and Modem are an integral part of every home today because of the widespread internet usage all over the world. There is no need to worry about their power consumption despite their 24/7 operation. Because their consumption is very less and they don’t cost you a lot.

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