How do Wireless Speakers work with Computer? (Explanation)

The digital world has converted everything into wireless. Whether it is smartphone charging or bank transactions, you can do it digitally without any need for physical connections.

Wireless speakers allow you to listen to music without a hassle from wires. Besides that, they are easy to set up and don’t need any special devices or software, just plug in and go!

Audio technology is also not an exception from it. With the help of advanced transmission tech, you have Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, and much more. If you are wondering how do wireless speakers work with computer, let us know their working principle.

How do wireless speakers work with computer

How do wireless speakers work with computer?

This section will describe how wireless speakers work with PC. Any wireless system uses a set of radio waves in the range of Bluetooth to receive signals from a source and act accordingly.

The Setup

  • When you buy a wireless speaker, you will be getting the speakers and a small flash drive to connect it into the computer.
  • This small flash drive that connects into the computer is a transmitter of radio waves.
  • The speakers will have a receiver built inside them and act according to the signals transmitted from the transmitter.
  • The transmitter drive is connected to the computer and the computer detects the presence of a new drive.
  • Then the computer installs the audio driver and the Bluetooth connectivity. This will power the transmitter as well as control the transmitter from the PC.
  • Now, let us look into the working of the system

The Working

  • Once the transmitter is installed into the computer, it can control the speakers just by sending radio waves to the speaker’s receiver unit.
  • So, when an audio is played on the computer, the transmitter converts the electrical audio signal into radio waves and transmit it to the speaker’s receiver unit.
  • The receiver unit receives the radio signal and convert it into electrical signal again.
  • This electrical signal vibrates the speaker hardware to produce sound output.
  • During this transmission, the audio can be compressed to decrease the size for faster transmission and ease of converting. But this doesn’t affect the audio quality heavily.
  • Thus, the required audio output is gained without any physical connectivity through wires.

This is how wireless speakers work with a computer to play audio. The Bluetooth technology has advanced to a level where you can have very low latency.

Latency denotes the delay in which the transmitted signal is received and reproduced into output. The less the delay, the more the benefit. If it has more delay, then you will have a mismatch especially if you are watching a video or playing a game.

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Bluetooth or WiFi: Which is the best type of speaker for PC?

WiFi speakers are quite advantageous than Bluetooth speakers. While there are potential disadvantages in both, WiFi speakers seem to have the upper hand.

Bluetooth was invented to transmit data over short range. It still works on the same principle and cannot connect to a device that is very far.

On the other hand, WiFi speakers can connect to a large range and according to the strength of the signal, it can vary.

The data compression in WiFi is different than Bluetooth. In WiFi speakers, the data compression is less and enables you with high quality sound output. Whereas Bluetooth can compress audio more and produces a slightly low output.

You cannot connect multiple devices or use a device individually when connected with Bluetooth speakers. On the other hand, you will be able to connect multiple devices even if the WiFi speakers are connected.

Therefore, in terms of usage range, connectivity, output quality, WiFi speakers are better than Bluetooth speakers.

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Why wireless speakers are much comfortable for PC?

Since PC is hassled with different sets of cables from each hardware, you don’t want to add the wires of your speaker to that pile.

Without the presence of wires, you don’t have to do cable management for the device. Otherwise, whenever you have decided to clean the PC table, you have to remove all the cables and install them.

Wireless speakers provide the advantage of mobility. You can take the speakers anywhere around the house and listen to the audio content played on your PC.

The lack of cables enables you to set up the speakers in any orientation and direction you want. This helps you to optimize the surround sound more effectively.

You can individually switch off the speakers and remove them from your computer desk or work table when it is not needed. So, when you need it, you can switch them on again and use it.

If you have multiple speakers, you can choose to use either one or two of the speakers set and not diminish the quality of output.

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Why wireless speakers are not powerful?

Wireless speakers have receivers and transmitters which compress the data slightly to provide faster transmissions and receives. This leads to loss of full sound quality and makes it low res.

Secondly, the wireless speakers have either rechargeable batteries or require a charging setup after a few hours of work.

In order to manage the battery backup, the wireless speakers are not very powerful. They are optimized to provide the optimum sound quality without compromising the battery life more.

Due to such disadvantages, wireless speakers are not very powerful and are not desired by professional audiophiles.

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What is the average Power Consumption of PC Speakers?

The answer to this question is not so straightforward. The power consumption depends on the number of watts, the impedance, and the speaker size. However, the average power consumption of the PC Speakers is 60 watts generally, which is much lower than that of TV speakers which consume around 100 watts.


Wireless speakers work in the same way as most wireless systems work. Primarily it uses Bluetooth technology to transmit the audio signals with a little bit of data compression for quick receiving and processing. With a help of a Bluetooth adapter, the computer connects with the speakers and control the working.

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