How do SSD and HDD work together for PC? (Guide, Benefits)

Earlier floppy disks with 128 KB were enough, but today we need a terabyte amount of storage space. Hard disk drives (HDD) have evolved to be sleek and fast but it has their disadvantages. On the other hand, we have our Solid-State Drives (SSD) which are very compact and faster than HDDs. We have to know how do SSD and HDD work together for PC to enjoy the benefits of both these storage devices.

How do SSD and HDD work together for PC

How do SSD and HDD work together for pc?

There are many differences between SSD and HDD, But how does it work together in a single PC. It is possible to install both SSD and HDD in a motherboard. Let us understand how they can be utilized and how they work.

Installing SSD and HDD

  • Modern motherboards are equipped to contain both SSD and HDD at the same time.
  • SSDs are connected to the M.2 PCIe Slot whereas the HDDs are placed on the bay and a power cable is connected to the motherboard.
  • If you have built a new PC, then in the boot you can choose the disk management and set your SSD as primary drive where all apps and OS will be installed.
  • If you are installing the drives in an existing PC, then you have to enter into the BIOS setup and choose the PCIe device as the boot drive.

The Utilization of SSD and HDD in a PC

  • SSDs are expensive and higher storage capacity cannot be afforded by many. Therefore, you can buy the maximum affordable capacity in an SSD.
  • HDDs are cheaper and you can buy terabytes of storage for a very less cost. So, choose an HDD accordingly.
  • In the Disk management, you should allot the SSDs to contain all the files of OS and other applications. Since SSDs are faster, you can get instantaneous boot and opening of applications.
  • You can have all your personal files on the HDD which gives more space to store large volumes of data.
  • Therefore, when you want to enter into any application, the computer accesses the SSD for its booting. When you require any personal file like games, music, video, etc. the computer goes to HDD.

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What are the benefits of SSD and HDD working together?

In simple words, you can get the best from both of those drives and get an overall high-performing PC. The advantages are:

  • SSDs are faster for data access and storing Operating system and other applications will give you blazing fast booting.
  • HDDs have large storage capacity for a cheaper price which helps you to contain hefty files and large applications in it.
  • SSDs are reliable and tends to have longer life when compared to an HDD. Since frequently accessed applications are stored in SSD, the computer doesn’t seek the hard drive to find files all the time. This increases the life of HDD indirectly.
  • While HDDs can take care of the large capacity need, you don’t have to invest huge money to buy a large capacity SSD.
  • SSDs consume very less power than an HDD which is also an added advantage for a PC setup.

Due to these benefits, it is best to have both SSD and HDD together in a PC.

Is it good to have SSD and HDD both?

Yes, there are no issues in installing both drives at the same time. Since both the drives have distinct advantages which enable you to benefit more. Therefore, you should consider having both drives at the same time on your PC. If you have only HDD, install an SSD to experience faster computing. 

Can I connect SSD and HDD to any PC?

It depends on the compatibility of your motherboard. If your motherboard has M.2 PCIe slot, it is possible to install the SSD. And almost all motherboards have HDD compatibility. So, there is no issue in installing an HDD and SSD in a PC when the motherboard has the slots to connect both of them.

When you connect SATA SSD and HDD together mostly all the motherboards support extremely well. But before connecting to the PC, you have to check whether extra SATA ports are available or not, otherwise, it will be difficult to connect. In that case, you have to find some converter cables.

It is fully dependent on the type of work you will be doing with your PC. Usually, if you aren’t using heavy games or video editing software, a 250GB SSD and a 500GB hard disk will be enough.

But for demanding games or Video editing, you should at least have a 500GB SSD and a 2 TB hard disk. Therefore, a minimum of 250GB SSD and a 1TB Hard Disk will be optimum for most users.

Can People use both SSD and HDD at the same time in Future?

Using both SSD and HDD is the best choice as of now. But in the future, SSDs may replace HDDs altogether if the prices are affordable for high storage capacities. People use a dual drive system since the SSDs are not affordable. But if they come at a cheaper price point, surely everyone will go for SSDs due to the potential advantages of SSDs over HDD.

Why Gamers Prefer SSD instead of HDD on their PC?

Every gamer knows that SSDs are faster and more stable in comparison to HDDs. But why do they prefer SSD instead of HDD on their gaming PC?

Fast data access

An HDD is a mechanical device with spinning disks that store data on rotating platters. The physical movement of these disks leads to slower read and write speeds. In contrast, an SSD is a non-physical device with no moving parts which translates into faster performance when it comes to reading and writing data.

It can provide up to 10x the IOPS (Input Output per second) than an HDD. With this, gamers can experience instant response times when playing games, which means they won’t have any delays and will be able to create a seamless gaming experience for themselves and their teammates.


Another main reason is that they are noiseless. Gamers prefer these drives because they can’t hear them, which is different from hard disk drives (HDD). The sound of spinning disks can be distracting and annoying that’s why solid-state drives (SSD) are becoming the preferred choice for most gamers.


Whether you are building a new PC or upgrading your current one, consider dual drive storage. Having both SSD and HDD is the best choice and an affordable one too. Especially gamers, video editors should consider this dual drive setup so that they can enjoy the benefits from both these drives.

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