GPU prices are dropping Finally and You need to Know Why

Graphics card prices are getting lower and much more available. Although they haven’t reached MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices), prices have considerably dropped and their availability has increased. Those who were waiting for the right time might have finally reached it.

GPU prices are dropping Finally and You need to Know Why

As of now, the prices of GPU are an extra $200 to $300 than the retail price according to Tom’s Hardware. Earlier the prices were doubled or tripled which made the consumers wait till the prices dropped to affordable figures. Therefore, with the latest price drop, certain consumers might be able to upgrade their PC.

You might wonder why prices have started to drop and there are two major factors contributing to it. First of all, the semiconductor shortage is finally reviving itself and has begun to stabilize its production. Also, the import tariffs have expired which enabled certain manufacturers to drop prices and replenish their stock faster.

Secondly, the demand hasn’t risen yet. The U.S is still in the process of economic recovery and many people are not looking forward to buying any kind of luxury techs such as PS5 or high-end GPUs. But still, due to certain manufacturers dropping their prices, GPU sales are slowly beginning to increase. Another major contributor to the price increase was the high demand created by the crypto miners. But it is also slowing down and the crypto startups have reduced.

To summarize, GPU prices have dropped considerably when compared to the past two years. We hope that this trend continues and the market starts to stabilize and normalize sooner. Predicting the market is pretty hard, therefore, for those who are looking forward to upgrading their PC or improving their gaming performance with a high-end graphics card, this is a good time.

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