Does Xbox one racing wheel work on PC? (Answer, Guides)

Racing wheels are the best way to feel the real racing experience from the comfort of your home. Just by installing them on your PC, you can play the F1 real racing game and get the gaming vibe for endless hours. 

If you look at racing wheels, they are widely found to support Xbox one. But can an Xbox one racing wheel support PC? In this article, we shall discuss the possibilities of using an Xbox racing wheel on a PC.

Does Xbox one racing wheel work on PC

Does Xbox one racing wheel work on PC?

Yes, almost all racing wheels designed to work with Xbox One can also work with a PC without any issues. You just need to download the right hardware and firmware from the manufacturer’s website for the wheel to function with your PC.

There are two popular Xbox racing wheel brands. They are the Logitech and Thrustmaster. You can use both brand racing wheels with PC and enjoy a complete racing experience. 

Whether you have bought a Logitech wheel or Thrustmaster wheel, the procedure for installation is the same and there aren’t any minimum system requirements for installing them. The only thing you should consider with the PC is whether your PC will be able to run the game you are going to play with the wheel. 

So, after ensuring the game and its compatibility with your PC, let us now understand how to set up and install an Xbox racing wheel with a PC.

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Setting up an Xbox one Racing wheel

The racing wheels usually come with a steering wheel, pair of pedals, cables for connection, and a power adapter. 

These must be interconnected with each other so that you can use the pedals in harmony with the wheel. 

  • So, first, connect the pedals to the steering wheel using the cable provided with the box. If you are buying a manual gear shifter, then you can connect it too with the wheel.
  • Then insert the power cord from the power adapter into the wheel. Then connect the Wheel to the PC using the USB port.
  • Now plug in the power adapter of the racing wheel setup and turn on your PC. You have now physically connected the accessories to the PC. 

Installing the Xbox one Racing wheel to the PC

Installation of the wheel involves downloading the proper drivers and firmware for the wheel. Then you need to download the necessary software to alter the wheel features.

  • First, go to the manufacturer’s website and search for your racing wheel model. In the downloads section, you can find the drivers and firmware respective to the latest version. Also, download the software that enables you to modify the wheel’s features with your PC. 
  • Download them and install them by running them as an administrator. After installing them, open the software application for the wheel and you can test the wheel. 
  • The app allows you to modify the sensitivity, feedback, and similar features as per your comfort level and requirement. 
  • You have now installed the racing wheel on your PC. You can start using it with your game and enjoy real racing.

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Benefits of Using Racing Wheel with PC

We know that the racing wheel provides a real racing feel while gaming. But it has more benefits to it than that. 

  • A racing wheel provides you with more control over your game than any other mode of input. It can be far better than a keyboard and way better than a joystick controller.
  • The wheel has many features that provide the real feeling of a race. For instance, it provides the real feedback felt in the steering wheel during a real race. It provides the same force feedback that can be felt during turns. So, the racing wheels provide the ultimate racing satisfaction.
  • The wheel is also combined with pedals that enable you to accelerate or decelerate better than any other mode of input.
  • The best part of using the wheels is their controls. You will have the controls closer to your reach and this enables you to easily perform all kinds of manual driving with the wheel.
  • You can alter the wheel’s sensitivity and feedback profile as per your requirement which makes it easier for your preference.
  • The throttle control is more accurate in a wheel setup than in a keyboard. You can achieve more precision with a wheel and enable better acceleration.
  • You can also time the races better and accomplish more races easily with a steering wheel setup. 

Due to these advantages, it is better to use a racing wheel for racing games than a keyboard or controller. 

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Does the Xbox One Racing Wheel Work on All Games?

The Xbox One Racing wheel can work with almost all racing games. You can find the supported games on this link:

You can see that it supports most racing games.

Similarly with regards to the Thrustmaster wheel, here are the supported games and the supported features for the wheels:

Since Xbox is compatible with Windows PCs, you can easily play any kind of racing game with the wheel. If you have the proper graphics and RAM hardware to support high-end games, then you can do wonders with the help of a racing wheel. 

Just by getting a sophisticated gear shift setup, you will have a complete racing set up like a real racing car. With this, you can start competing in races with better efficiency. 

So, without any doubt, the Xbox One racing wheel can support most of the racing games that are available right now. 

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Playing a racing game on PC can be made better with the help of a racing wheel. If you use a racing wheel, you can have a real-time racing experience. Also, if you combine it with multiple monitor setups, you can feel the inside of a racing car as if you are driving it.

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Xbox One Racing wheels are a perfect choice for PC gaming since they are readily compatible with PCs if you can install the drivers and firmware appropriately. 

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