Does Curved Monitor make a difference in gaming? (Explained)

Gaming is all about immersive experience. The more you get into the game, the higher the gaming experience. Monitor plays an important role in giving the immersion you are seeking while gaming.

Among the popular designs, curved monitors can get you the ultimate immersive gaming. Explore the reasons for that and understand why you need to get a curved monitor for gaming right away.

Does Curved Monitor make a difference in gaming?

Does Curved Monitor make a difference in gaming?

There is a considerable difference between gaming with a curved monitor and a traditional flat display. The extra curvature in the curved monitor benefits a lot and makes a significant increase in the gaming experience. It is better to play games on a curved display than a flat one.

We shall discuss the features provided by the curved monitor which aren’t provided by the flat display.

Differences between the curved monitor and flat displays in gaming

Technically, curved and flat displays differ only in the curvature part. Apart from that, there are no differences in technology. But this curvature makes certain significant differences in the user experience, especially in gaming.

Viewing Comfort with Immersive Gaming Experience

Our eyes are used to view objects in 3-Dimension. A curved monitor is more likely to mimic the 3-D view due to the curvature. It will seem like the images are covering your peripheral vision and making the viewing more comfortable. 

Unlike flat displays, curved monitors are likely to place the images at an equal distance which enables the user to view the objects in the display without any strain. The eyes will easily adjust to the images at different distances and thus comforting the eyes.

This is very important for gaming because many fast-moving images require your eyes to adjust faster. So, with a curved display, your eyes will not strain hard to capture the images.

The curvature enables you to cover a wide-angle view easily and this helps in immersive gaming. Without turning your head or adjusting your viewing distance, your eyes will be able to capture even the edges of the display comfortably.

This enables ultimate gaming with immersive viewing. Every detail of your gameplay will be in your line of sight and you might even have an upper hand over others if you are playing competitive games. It is also highly immersive for Role-playing games and first-person shooters.

Since there is less strain on the eyes, you will have better sleep. Therefore, viewing comfort is higher in curved monitors when compared to flat displays.

Color Consistency with better viewing angles

In a flat display, there is a shift in the distance of your line of sight with respect to the edges of the display. Therefore, there will be a gradual or mild change in color across the display. But in a curved monitor, you can see accurate color throughout the display without shifting your line of sight.

Also, the viewing angles are a little extreme in a flat display because you have to turn your head to see the corner or edges. But with a curved one, you can have everything under the same viewing angle. 

Even a large field of view can be obtained with a small curved monitor. But to get the same field of view in a flat display, you have to get an enormous display or you have to move your distance away from the monitor, and both are not feasible.

Especially in gaming, you cannot miss out on anything from the display and with a flat monitor, you are more likely to experience such scenarios. Due to inconsistent color, the edges might look dark from your viewing distance but in reality, there might be a color and something might be happening in the game. 

Such variations are absent in curved monitors and you can get the whole view with the exact color even at the periphery without any inconsistency. Therefore, color consistency and viewing angles are way better in curved monitors than in flat displays. 

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Why are curved monitors better for gaming?

  • Curved monitors provide a more realistic gaming experience than flat monitor
  • You can have immersive gaming due to the wide viewing angle in a compact display size
  • Color consistency is more which helps in accurate visibility
  • You need not adjust your viewing distance to get the full field of view under your vision
  • Your eyes strain less because of the viewing angle
  • Fast-paced games are very easy to play since the peripheral vision can see the images properly
  • Curved monitors mimic 3D view more accurately which helps in the ultimate gaming experience

Because of such advantages, it is better to play games on a curved monitor. You need not have to adjust your head or your eyes to grasp the details on the edges of the display. Rather all will be visible in the same viewing distance with proper color accuracy and less strain. 

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What are the maximum inches in a curved monitor?

Recently Samsung announced the largest curved monitor for gaming which is the 55-inch Samsung Odyssey Ark. It is an LED display with Quantum Dot Mini technology with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It is not yet available commercially and it is expected to release soon.

But the largest curved monitor available in the market is Samsung’s 49-inch Curved Monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate and 3840 x 1080p resolution. It has a 32:9 aspect ratio with QLED technology. 


Playing games realistically is more immersive and fun. This is not possible with a flat display due to the various disadvantages. But in a curved monitor, you can have all the reality you need along with the high-tech features such as faster refresh rate and resolution. Therefore, curved monitors are the best devices for the ultimate gaming experience.

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