Does 32GB RAM help gaming? (Answered, Guides)

Games have improved a lot by providing more life-like gameplays with immersive graphics and visuals. To render and display all this humongous data, high-end hardware is crucial. You need to have powerful components to process all this data. 

RAM plays a crucial role in PC despite the task it is used for. Especially when it comes to gaming, you cannot run certain titles without proper RAM. The memory space provided by it is very important and decides the capacity of the PC. But what is the limit for gaming? Can 32GB RAM suffice all your gaming needs? 

Let us find out the importance of having larger RAM for gaming and what are the various benefits we get from using such huge hardware.

Does 32GB RAM help gaming

Does 32GB RAM help gaming?

Yes, 32 GB RAM certainly does help gaming and particularly heavy titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator. Games with several mods can be easily handled by the 32GB space and you can enjoy all the aspects of the game effortlessly. But if you aren’t playing such high-end, resource-hungry games, then 32GB can be overkill.

Also, if you don’t have a proper GPU to support the huge RAM, then it is totally worthless to have such big memory space.

Role of RAM in Gaming

RAM is a temporary memory that stores the process files required for an application to function faster. A processor cannot reach a permanent memory like an HDD or SSD for accessing all the files important for the functioning of the application. So, RAM helps in storing these files and enables the processor to access them whenever required.

When it comes to gaming, there are a ton of files it uses to run the game. In order to run a game, it needs to process a game engine, texture files, lighting, levels, and much more. As you move higher to the premium titles, you can see more of these files which are required for the functioning of it.

So, if a processor begins to access each and every file from the HDD, it will never be able to accomplish the task. So, once you boot the game, all the files necessary for the functioning of the game are stored in the RAM. 

If a game has a lot of different files, definitely the data will be much higher. Such huge data needs more space in the RAM so that it can be processed comfortably. So, with a higher RAM space, you will be able to play bigger titles effortlessly. 

Another important factor is that the PC not only runs the game. But it also runs other background processes which also require RAM space. Therefore, the RAM you are choosing must be able to handle your game as well as keep the PC alive in the background. The memory you choose must be sufficient enough to run multiple applications without any issues.

With a huge 32GB space, you can easily play heavy games while running several applications in the background. You must also keep in mind that the gaming performance also depends on the CPU and GPU. So, having a poor processor and insufficient processing power can never help you even with RAM higher than 32GB.

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Benefits of 32GB RAM for gaming

Now that we have understood the importance and role of RAM in gaming, we shall now look particularly at the benefits of 32GB RAM for gaming.

High-End Gaming

You can blindly play massive games that demand huge processing power without any discomfort with 32GB RAM. The memory space provided can easily handle heavy renderings and graphic details that can provide you with real-life experience while playing the game.

More Details

Games have improved a lot to an extent that the lightings, shadows, motion, etc. are near to life-like and you cannot experience such minute details without a huge RAM. This 32GB memory enables the game to render all the details efficiently and displays the data with the finest quality available.

Install Mods without worry

Certain games release several mods that enhance the gameplay or visual experience. This cannot be installed without having sufficient RAM because these mods cannot operate without it. So, games that are constantly updating different mods can be played easily with the help of 32GB RAM.

Easy Multitasking

As we mentioned earlier, your PC will be running in the background even when you are gaming. So, if you have 32GB RAM, it will have sufficient memory to handle both gaming processes as well as computing tasks in the background. You will be able to stream, browse, and do a ton of multitasking with ease.

Future Proof

Even if newer games release with more vibrant graphics, this 32GB can suffice them easily. You need not have to upgrade your RAM and spend a lot of money. You can use this huge memory for a longer time without any issues.

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32GB RAM for gaming: Types of RAMs

There are two types of RAMs you can get and you can install them with two different configurations. The different types of RAMs are:

  • DDR4 – 1600Mbps to 3200Mbps data transfer rate
  • DDR5 – potential to support up to 7200Mbps

DDR4 is popularly available and doesn’t cost you a lot. The data transfer rate is great and you don’t need more than that in gaming. While on the other hand, DDR5 RAMs are crazy fast and it might be overkill even for many game titles.

The different configurations to install 32GB RAM are:

  • 4 x 8GB Modules
  • 2 x 16GB Modules

According to the slot availability in your motherboard, you can choose the configuration you require for installing the RAM. It is better not to mix and match between 8GB and 16GB modules. 

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Installing 32GB RAM is certainly worth it considering the quality of games you get these days. You will not regret buying one but you need to utilize its full potential so that you can get more out of it. If you are into several tasks at once including gaming, then it is a great choice to buy one with such a large memory.

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