Do Gaming Routers Need a Modem? (Answered, Guides)

Devices like PC, Laptops, etc. that need internet access must have two major components. One is the Modem and the other one is a router. Without a modem, you cannot access the internet provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Similarly, without a router, you cannot connect multiple devices to the internet available from the ISP via Modem. So, it is necessary to have both network peripherals. But do gaming routers need a modem? Let us find it out in this blog post.

Do Gaming Routers Need a Modem

Do Gaming Routers Need a Modem?

Gaming routers need a modem to connect to the internet provided by the service provider. But if you have bought a modem/router combo, then you don’t need a separate modem. You can directly connect the DSL cable directly to your gaming router and get connected to the internet. If you don’t have a modem/router combo, then you will need a high-speed modem that can provide internet to the router.

Importance of Modem for Gaming Routers

Gaming has started to become more internet dependent when compared to a few years back. Today games are released online and it is being served as DLC (Downloadable Content). So, the games don’t come with a complete storyline in a single release. Rather it continues with many DLC and gamers can enjoy different aspects of the game with it. 

Since gaming has started to depend on DLCs it is important to have a high-speed internet connection. Even if you have subscribed to a faster network provider, you should have proper devices to support the speed of the network.

This is where modems and gaming routers come into play. Usually, routers manufactured for gaming will have long-range connectivity with several ports to help multiple device connections. Also, it is important to have a modem with higher bandwidth since it has to support high-speed internet. So, a router combined with a proper modem is necessary to enjoy seamless gameplay. 

Also, if you are playing competitive games, having a high-speed modem can give you an upper hand over your rivals and helps you to be more responsive in the game. 

Today, many gamers perform live streams of their gameplay. You can find users to have multiple PCs and stream their gameplay via various platforms. So, having a proper modem and router for your PCs become necessary to get seamless and faster internet connectivity.

Therefore, you will need a modem for your gaming router to have better internet connectivity for downloading, playing and streaming games. 

How Gaming Routers Work with Modem?

A modem is an important device for the home network. Your ISP can provide internet connectivity through broadband or fiber. This signal is analog and the modem helps in the conversion of analog into digital. 

This signal conversion is performed using modulation and demodulation. This digital signal is what is recognized by your PC or other connected devices as internet connectivity. 

If you look at a modem, it will not have many ports. It will just have one input and output port. The signal from ISP can be brought via a DSL cable which gets into the modem and using an ethernet cable you take the output from the modem to any device with an ethernet connection. 

Here is where the need for routers arises. With a modem, you can only connect one device to the internet. But you might have several devices at home which require internet connectivity. So, a router helps you to connect more devices either through a wired connection or a wireless connection (Wi-Fi). 

Another major feature of a router is that they are more secure than a modem. Routers enable you with additional security and prevent theft of data through the network. That is why it is always recommended to use a router between your PC and a modem. 

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How to connect the gaming router to the modem and PC?

  • Your service provider will have done the necessary cabling work in your home. At the end of it, you will have a DSL cable.
  • This DSL cable must be connected to the DSL port in your modem. 
  • Now, take an ethernet cable and connect one end to your modem’s ethernet jack.
  • Take the other end of the cable and insert it into your gaming router’s LAN jack or ethernet port.
  • You have now provided the internet connection to your router. Now, with the help of another ethernet cable, connect the router and your PC. 
  • You can also use the Wi-Fi connectivity of the router to connect devices wirelessly. 
  • Since gaming routers can also act like a switch, you will not have any bandwidth loss when multiple devices are connected to the router.

This is how you can connect a modem and a gaming router to a PC or laptop. Also, this is how a modem communicates with the router and provides internet connectivity to all the devices in your home.

Therefore, a gaming router must have a modem to primarily get connected to the internet and if it’s a modem combination, you can avoid getting a separate modem.

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Advantages of Using Gaming Routers with Modem

  • Gaming routers can support more bandwidth and provide faster internet connectivity which is required for gamers.
  • These routers help you to connect multiple devices seamlessly without any loss in speed or connectivity to the internet.
  • You can upgrade your subscription to a higher bandwidth without upgrading the router or modem if you are using a gaming router with a modem.
  • You can play, download, and stream games without any lag or loss in connectivity when you have proper gaming routers.
  • You will have higher security when using a gaming router when compared to using just the modem. 
  • If you have an existing modem, using a gaming router will increase your internet availability through wireless and wired connections. 

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If you want to connect your PC or laptop to the internet, then you will need a network subscription, a modem, a router, and appropriate cables. Although most of the job is done by your ISP, you can improve your network connectivity with the help of gaming routers. You can consult with our service provider and install an appropriate modem for your network. 

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