Can you use two different DDR4 RAM sticks? (Answered)

When people upgrade their PC, they usually go for updating their RAM. Because, by simply upgrading the RAM, you will be able to get a considerable change in your performance. But can you use two different RAM modules in your PC? Let us explore the possibilities of using two RAM modules with different capacity and different manufacturer.

Can you use two different DDR4 RAM sticks

Can you use two different DDR4 RAM sticks?

Yes, You can use two DDR4 RAMs from two different manufacturers. But there are certain downsides to it. Using RAMs from two different manufacturers cannot be done without considering the specifications. You cannot simply buy two 8GB RAM modules from two different companies and use them directly on your PC.

Let us discuss the downsides and what should be considered before experimenting with this venture.

Downsides of Using RAM Sticks from Different Manufacturers

RAM from different manufacturers can be used but you might encounter certain problems with performance. Before that, you have to match the specifications of both the RAMs from the different manufacturers. 

Every RAM is designed to work with a certain speed, voltage, latency, size, etc. Each of these parameters must match the two different RAM modules. Otherwise, there might be technical issues that might compromise the whole motherboard. 

You will have issues like irregular power usage and frequent shutdowns due to the mismatching voltages between the two RAM modules. Users may also experience frequent BSOD and this is not healthy for your PC.

The second concern is that the manufacturers use different materials to produce the RAM and this will highly affect the quality. You will encounter significant performance issues and irregular thermals. Even if you manage to find two RAMs with the same specifications, you will definitely have a quality difference.

Because of these two major concerns, it is usually not recommended to use RAMs from different manufacturers. Especially if you are performing intensive tasks like gaming or content creation, then it is highly recommended to use only the same brand RAM modules to avoid any performance issues.

Downsides of Using Different RAM Capacities

People normally think that two different RAM capacities cannot be used at the same time. But it is possible and also it doesn’t have serious downsides like using two different brands.

For example, if you are using an 8 GB RAM, then you can insert another 4 GB with it and you will not have any issues technically. But in terms of performance, again, there is a significant problem. 

When you use RAM with the same memory capacity, they work together in dual channel mode so that they will give maximum performance whenever needed.

But if you combine a larger capacity RAM with a smaller one, then the RAM with higher capacity will be halved to match the performance when working in dual channel mode. 

For example, if you combine an 8GB RAM and 4GB RAM module, then they will work like two 4GB modules and get the performance as such. The other half will run in single-channel mode.

As we previously mentioned, when you are doing simple tasks, you need not worry about this setup. But during intensive tasks, you will be able to notice some lags and it is not desired to use it in this manner.

Therefore, it is best to use RAMs from the same brand and same memory capacity to have the best performance. It will avoid any major issues and you can use the module for a longer time.

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Can we use the RAM stick with different clock speeds?

Whenever you combine two RAMs, they tend to work together irrespective of their differences. You can use RAMs with two different speeds. But when combined, the faster RAM will get underclocked to match the speed of the slower RAM. And there is a catch to this. You can experience all these only when the RAMs work properly.

Usually, RAMs with different speeds will not work properly and you will experience lags when performing intensive tasks. Even if you try to overclock the slower RAM, it will lead to heating issues and cause lag.

Although you have the possibility of using two clock speed RAMs, it will not work properly and you will have serious performance issues.

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Can we use the RAM stick with different types?

As we mentioned earlier, RAM with different types like Vengeance and Dominator from Corsair will have the same performance issues. 

Vengeance RAM is a small module and doesn’t take up much space. Also, the speed is lower than the Dominator model.

The dominator RAM is larger and when combined with the vengeance model, it will underclock to match the speed of vengeance and perform poorly.

Therefore, although you can combine the two RAM modules, it is not recommended to do so because of performance issues.

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Issues in using different RAM sticks

If you are planning to use RAMs from two different generations, then you will not be able to achieve it. Because the motherboard is manufactured to support only one generation of RAM and you cannot fit different generations. For example, you cannot use DDR4 and DDR3 at the same time because they have a different set of pins and your motherboard will either support DDR4 or DDR3. 

Therefore, you will have the following issue in using different RAM sticks:

  • Compatibility
  • Poor performance
  • Underclocked Speed
  • Voltage mismatches
  • Circuitry Issues in Motherboard
  • Frequent Shutdowns and BSOD error
  • Frequent Lags


Using two different RAM modules is not recommended and it is best to get RAMs from the same brand with the same memory capacity to get maximum performance. You can also enjoy high-speed gaming or content creation without any performance lag.

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