Can you use Turtle Beach PS4 Headset on PC? (Answer Inside)

Turtle beach produces one of the best headsets for PlayStation and Xbox. They provide headsets in different ranges and in affordable price ranges too. But can you use the headset for PC?

Most of the headsets used for PS4 can be used on PCs since they are usually wireless. The wireless transmitter can be connected to the PC and can be easily used with the system. 

In this article, we shall discuss whether you can use a turtle beach PS4 headset with your PC and the ways to connect it to the system.

Can you use Turtle Beach PS4 Headset on PC

Can you use Turtle Beach PS4 Headset on PC?

Yes, you can use a turtle beach PS4 headset on a PC using the wireless USB transmitter. You can simply connect the transmitter to an empty USB port on your PC and start connecting the headset wirelessly. You can also use the optical digital output if you have the appropriate interface on your PC along with the USB connectivity. Some older versions of the Turtle Beach have 3.5mm connectivity too.

Let us now look at the procedure to connect the headset in three different ways so that you can choose the best one as per your requirement.

Using USB Transmitter

This is the simplest method to connect the turtle beach headset to your PC. This transmitter is provided out of the box with the headset. Just follow the procedure to connect the headsets to your PC:

  • Find an empty USB port in your PC
  • Take the wireless USB transmitter and connect it to the USB port
  • Now turn on the headset and pair it to the wireless transmitter
  • Then go to the sound settings on the PC
  • Choose the default input and output device as the turtle beach headset
  • You can also go to the Recording tab and choose the microphone of the turtle beach headset as a default input device.

You have now connected the Turtle Beach PS4 headset to your PC. You can adjust the mic volume and master volume using the headset itself. You can also use the PC volume rocker for adjusting the input sound level.

Using Optical Digital Output

Optical digital input gives better audio quality and lag-free audio signal since the headset is physically connected to the PC. Follow this procedure to connect the headset using optical digital output:

  • For this setup to work, you will need an optical digital input jack on your PC. If you don’t have one you cannot use this method.
  • Find the optical digital input jack in your PC
  • Using the digital cable provided out of the box with the turtle neck headset, connect the headset and the PC
  • Simultaneously, you have to connect the wireless USB transmitter to the USB port in the PC
  • Pair the headset to the PC using the wireless transmitter
  • Now your audio input will be provided through the optical input while the mic output will be through the wireless transmitter. You have to adjust the settings on your PC as such.
  • Open the sound settings on your PC and click on the playback tab
  • Here choose the Digital out (optical) as the default playback device and apply the settings.
  • Once chosen, right-click on the digital output option and choose properties.
  • Here you must change the bitrate so that you can get high-quality sound in your headset.
  • Under the default format menu, change the sample rate to 16 bit 48000Hz which is the DVD quality for better audio output.
  • Now move onto the recordings tab and set the default mic device as the Turtle Beach headset and save the settings.

Using 3.5mm Jack

Turtle beach not only has wireless devices but also wired headsets. The Recon model of the turtle beach headsets is wired and you can easily connect them to the PC using the following guide:

  • Locate the 3.5mm Jack in your PC
  • In most PCs, you probably have two different jacks for playback and a mic. So, you might have to use a splitter.
  • The splitter helps to split the 3.5mm jack of the headset into two and this can be connected to the PC.
  • Once connected to the PC, you can go to the Sound settings and set the playback device as the turtle beach headset.
  • Then move on to the recording tab and set the default mic as the turtle beach headset.

This is how you can connect the Turtle beach PS4 headset to the PC and enjoy high-quality sound while gaming or enjoying media. If you have any issues with the device, you can download the latest firmware and driver for the headset from the manufacturer’s website.

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To download the driver for your headset:

  • Go to the Turtle Beach office website
  • On the menu bar, you can find an option called Support and Downloads
  • Expand the option and click on Downloads
  • On this page, click on the Visit Audio Hub option and it will open up a new page.
  • Here you have to choose the headset model you have in your hand
  • Then the page loads the driver for your headset.
  • Scroll down and you can see an option to download for Windows.
  • Download and install the driver. 
  • Restart the device and reconnect the headset. The device will now work properly.

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Benefits of using Turtle Beach PS4 Headset on PC

While discussing the advantages of the Turtle Beach PS4 headset, we can say that it is a great option for PC gamers seeking a premium audio experience. Let me mention each advantage one by one.

  • Since Turtle beach headsets are designed for gaming, they will have top-notch sound quality. 
  • It misses out on the latency found in other wireless headsets which is a greater advantage.
  • The volume controls are excellent and you can find the sound quality to be more precise.
  • The headset is comfortable to wear for long hours and you cannot feel any fatigue
  • The mic volume can also be controlled with the dials on the headset which is more sophisticated.



If you are owing a Turtle beach headset and looking forward to using it on your PC, then this guide will help you to sort it out. You can easily connect the headset wirelessly and enjoy good audio quality without any lag or latency.

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