Can you play any PC game with a controller? (Best Ways)

Playing games on a console has the advantage of using a controller which enables you to perform a lot of complicated stuff with distinct buttons. 

But if you are playing your games on a PC, you might have to depend on your keyboard and mouse. Also, you have to press a combination of keys at a short interval to perform certain moves. 

While some enjoy the rush of playing with a keyboard, most prefer to enjoy the game with a controller than a keyboard and mouse. 

But can you play any PC game with a controller is a question you might have and here we are to answer it. 

Can you play any PC game with a controller?

Can you play any PC game with a controller?

Yes, you can play any PC game using a controller easily. Recently, Microsoft has enabled support for game controllers and you just have to connect them using USB or Bluetooth. Let us understand how we can play games on PC with different types of controllers.

Gaming Console Controllers

If you are owing a gaming console like Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo you will have a controller by default. These controllers are easily compatible with the PC and here’s how each controller can be used for playing games on PC.

Xbox Controller

Xbox controllers are natively compatible with PCs. There are three different ways with which you can easily connect an Xbox controller to the PC:

Using a micro-USB cable 
  • All Xbox controllers have a micro-USB port. 
  • You can simply take a micro-USB to USB-A cable and connect the micro end to the controller. 
  • Take the USB-A end to connect it to the PC. 
  • That’s all! You are now ready to play the game.
Using Bluetooth
  • Modern Xbox controllers have a Bluetooth option with which you can connect them to your PC provided that your PC has a Bluetooth adapter in the motherboard. 
  • Go to Bluetooth settings in your PC and click on add new device.
  • In the Xbox controller, press and hold the pair button which is a small button present on the top side of the controller.
  • Once your PC has found the controller, pair it and enjoy gaming.
Using Wireless adapter
  • Some PCs might not have wireless compatibility with the controller. 
  • To sync the controller to the PC, you have to buy an Xbox wireless adapter, plug it in a USB port, and install it on your PC.
  • Once installed, you can pair the controller wirelessly with the pair button present on the controller.

PlayStation Controller

Modern PlayStation controllers such as PS4 or PS5 are readily compatible with PC if you are playing games on the Steam platform. Here are some ways to play pc games with a PS4 or PS5 controller.

Using Bluetooth to play on Steam
  • If you are playing games through Steam, you can simply enable the Bluetooth pairing option.
  • Go to the Bluetooth setting in your PC and Add a new device.
  • In the PS controller, hold the PS button and share button for three seconds and the light starts to flash on the controller.
  • Now you will be able to see the device available on your PC for pairing.
  • Pair the device and readily play games on Steam.
Using Third-Party Software
  • If you don’t have steam and want to enjoy games on PC, you have to install a third-party software called DS4.
  • DS4 application is available on Github and you can download the latest version.
  • After downloading, open the folder and install the DS4 Updater file first. Then open the DS4Windows file.
  • In this file, click install the DS4 driver and finish the setup.
  • After installation, connect the controller to your PC with USB or Bluetooth and enjoy any kind of game without steam.
Nintendo and Other Controllers

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller uses a different type of input method which must be emulated to the PC using the software. This is the case for other controllers too. 

You can connect the controllers through wired or wireless. But you need to use an application called X360Ce which is an Xbox controller emulator that helps you to translate the input from your Nintendo controller or third-party controllers.

Install the application and connect your controller through USB or Bluetooth. Then you can map each button and enjoy gaming with all types of PC games.

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Why do people like to use gaming controllers on PC?

Gaming controllers have the following advantages which make them favorable for gamers:

Easy Control

Controllers provide you with easy control buttons which enables you to concentrate on the game more easily. On the other hand, you have to press multiple buttons on your keyboard to perform certain actions or moves.

Ergonomic Design

You play games for a long time with controllers when compared to the keyboard. Controllers are designed to be comfortable for holding and don’t lead to any pain or discomfort.

Sturdy and Durable

Controllers are sturdier and more durable than keyboards and mouse. You need to invest in a costly mechanical keyboard or a distinct gaming keyboard to have a longer life in them.

Because of such advantages, many gamers prefer the use of controllers over keyboard and mouse. Although keyboard and mouse setup is advantageous in playing certain categories of games such as the Point and click games and First-person shooters, controllers are also equally performing in such categories.

Do gaming controllers damage PC with overuse?

No, controllers don’t do any kind of software or hardware damage to the PC. It is perfectly safe to use gaming controllers with a PC and it is more comfortable.

It is better to invest in an Xbox controller to get immediate access and control with your PC either through a wired or wireless connection.

As we mentioned above, you have to install certain applications to use other controllers with your PC which can be avoided if you use Xbox controllers. 


Playing games with controllers is safe and the best option for your PC gaming. They have a longer life and easy control is possible when compared to keyboard and mouse setup. Get a controller right away and enjoy endless gaming on your PC.

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