Can you case swap a prebuilt PC? (Answered, Guide)

If you go back a few years, you get prebuilt PCs usually in a dumb case. There will not be any fancy RGB lightings or room for upgradability. Now they will look slightly odd and are not very useful too. But what if you can just swap the case and make it look trendy?

Prebuilt PCs can be easily rebuilt with a new case and most of the time you will not get any issues. Check out the reasons to swap the case and a general guide on how to do it.

Can you case swap a prebuilt PC

Can you case swap a prebuilt PC?

Yes, you can absolutely swap the case of a prebuilt PC for a better one that suits your requirement. Prebuilt PCs are also made up of a traditional case and usually, they are very compact. Therefore, to improve the upgradability of the PC, you can change the PC’s case for a larger one.

Let’s go through the reasons why you need to replace the case of your prebuilt PC and the simple steps you need to do to make the change.

Reasons to swap case in a Prebuilt PC

If you look at the PCs available commercially, they will be powerful but very compact in size. The manufacturers use a perfectly fitting case to save cost. 

This small compact case will not provide you the sophistication of upgrading the PC with different hardware components. A case has the ability to last for decades. But the tech inside it will upgrade every year.

Each year you have tech companies innovating and upgrading the computing performance which at one point will force the consumers to upgrade their old tech to be in harmony with the current generation.

Therefore, the main reason for swapping the case from a commercial PC is to increase the chances of upgrading it.

The compactness doesn’t allow you to install a large graphics card, increase your PSU wattage, install an efficient cooling system or even you cannot install an extra cooling fan for the PC.

Due to such shortness in upgradability, it is very much needed to shift the hardware components from the existing prebuilt case to a much larger PC tower case.

Another reason might be of personal choice but it is also a valid one. Most prebuilt computers don’t have a cool-looking case. They are very formal and look blunt. Even if they have high-tech hardware, they are encased in a box with minimum style.

Therefore, if you have a better case with cool LED lighting, you can very well swap the dumb-looking case for the better one.

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How to swap a prebuilt PC case for a new one?

There is nothing new in changing the PC case of a prebuilt computer. It is like assembling and building a new PC but here you will be just swapping the cases. The following is an in-depth guide on how to change the casing of your PC.

  • Switch off the power supply and remove all the power cords connected to the PC. Unplug the PSU power supply from the PC.
  • Take the PC to a clean work table and remove the screws of the side panel in the case. Keep the screws safe. Once you remove the screws, you will be able to slide the side panel out.
  • Removing the side panel will expose the motherboard and other hardware inside the PC case.
  • Remove all the cords from the hardware components connecting to the power supply unit. Then detach the PSU from the case by unscrewing it from the frame.
  • The SATA hard drive connects to the motherboard and you have to unplug it. Then remove the hard drive unit from its slot.
  • Remove the PCIe cable connecting the GPU to the motherboard and unscrew the graphics card unit from the board.
  • If you have extra fans, you have to unscrew them and remove them from the case.
  • Now you have completely removed all the components from the motherboard and it’s time to unscrew the motherboard from the case. 
  • Remove the motherboard carefully and install it in your new case. The new case will definitely have proper space to accommodate your motherboard.
  • Reinstall all the hardware components and enjoy your new case.

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What difficulties will face while swapping PC cases?

  • If you are a beginner, you might have difficulty understanding the hardware connections to the motherboard and the PSU. So, you may not be able to transfer the components properly.
  • Certain components like the PSU might become unusable because of their low wattage capacity.
  • Although it is rare, sometimes you might not be able to fit the motherboard in your new case.

Apart from these, there are no difficulties in swapping the case. If you have proper knowledge, you will be able to handle it. Even if you are a beginner, you have a lot of tutorials to assist you in this deed.

Why do we need to be careful while swapping PC cases?

While swapping cases, you have to remove the entire motherboard carefully. Sometimes if you didn’t notice a connection with the motherboard, you might damage it. 

Also, you have to unplug the PSU completely so that you don’t damage the hardware components or the PSU. 

This isn’t a major risk, but you have to be careful and equipped with the skill to deal with the hardware components of a PC to successfully swap the cases without any issues.


Swapping a prebuilt PC case is easy and more advantageous. With few guides and tutorials, even beginners can do it easily. Shifting the components to a larger case gives you more chances in upgrading the components and enjoy next-level gaming or multitasking with content creation.

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