Can Power Supply cause Blue Screen? (3 Best Ways to fix)

The Blue screen famously known as BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error is a complete system failure that occurs due to software or hardware issues. The PC suddenly shows a blue screen with an error message with a STOP code.

The BSOD is also called a Stop code error due to this. BSOD can be resolved with certain fixes. But when it occurs, all your work will be deleted and your PC goes for a restart.

In the newer versions of windows, the PC automatically takes an error report and restarts by itself. Let us understand Can Power Supply cause Blue Screen? and what other reasons might cause it.

Can power supply cause blue screen?

Can power supply cause blue screen?

There are possibilities for your PSU or Power supply unit to cause the BSOD error in your PC. The cause is actually indirect which means, if you have chosen a PSU of lower quality or lower wattage than the required specification, it affects the hardware. Let us discuss this in detail.

How does PSU affect the PC and how it can cause BSOD?

The choice of PSU is an important one when you are building a PC. According to the components you have chosen and their respective wattage consumption, you have to choose a PSU.

The PSU is responsible for supplying the required amount of current that will power the components attached to the motherboard.

Without the proper choice of PSU, major components like the CPU, RAM will not get the proper voltage required to function.

When you have a PSU with a wattage lower than what is required, the processor and memory cannot perform properly. So, the processor commands for an abrupt shutdown cause the BSOD error.

So, incorrect or insufficient PSU affects the hardware which then causes the blue screen error to occur. If you fix the issue, you can easily get rid of BSOD.

Apart from this, the wrong choice of PSU can cause random shutdowns and sudden freezing of the applications. Due to excessive heat, it may also lead to heavy noise from the PSU noise.

Therefore, a wrong PSU has the ability to produce such errors and not fixing it may lead to repeated episodes of such errors.

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What are the best ways to fix this problem?

Here are some of the popular ways and guides to fix the blue screen error in your computer.

Replacing the PSU

  • Check the wattage of the PSU and compare it with the wattage of each individual components of the PC. If the PSU wattage is less, replace it immediately to fix the error.
  • You can also check the wattage using an online calculator also. This will help you to find out the actual requirement for your PC.
  • Always it is better to buy a PSU with higher wattage so that you can upgrade the PC whenever you like without any concern for the PSU.

Look for what you did before the BSOD

  • Usually, BSOD happens when you installed a new program or while updating a driver for a hardware.
  • If you find blue screen after such incidents, restart the computer and uninstall the program. If you update the driver, find out whether it is the latest version or replace it with the existing version.
  • Sometimes, the vice versa can also happen with the drivers. If you haven’t updated the drivers for a long time, the hardware cannot function properly and the error may occur.
  • Therefore, keep your drivers up to date with the latest version and you can avoid such errors.

System Rollback

  • When you are updating your Windows version and if the process is interrupted suddenly due to any reason, you will find a blue screen error.
  • This is very common with the interrupted windows update and to resolve this you have to perform a system rollback.
  • To perform this, search for reset in the search box of the start menu. You will get an option called, Reset this PC.
  • Click on the option and follow the instructions. This will enable you to reset the PC to its original version of the windows.
  • After performing the reset, open the windows update and install the latest version without any interruptions.

Why repairing the power supply is a bad idea for this issue?

Repairing will not resolve the blue screen error because the error occurred due to the insufficient wattage of the PSU. So, you have to replace the PSU instead of repairing it.

While replacing the PSU, go for a higher wattage than the actual requirement so that you will not have any problem with the voltage supply to the components even if you upgrade the components in the future.

What are some of the reasons for the blue screens?

The blue screen is often accompanied by an audible alert tone (e.g., a beep) and may include an error code (e.g., “0x0000007B”) in the lower-right corner of the screen to indicate more precisely what caused the system failure. There are many reasons for the blue screens. They can be caused by some reasons below:

  • Interrupted Windows update
  • Unwanted Peripherals
  • Outdated Drivers
  • Defective Cards and drives
  • Registry errors
  • Incompatible software

What is Power Supply prevention and mitigation? (safety measures)

The power supply is a key component in any electrical system, and it needs to be protected from the risks of a power outage. The safety measures for a power supply can be split into two categories: prevention and mitigation.

  • Prevention: Prevention is the first line of defense. It includes features such as circuit breakers, fuses, surge protectors, and backup generators that are designed to detect or prevent an overload or short circuit from occurring.
  • Mitigation: Mitigation is the second line of defense. It includes features such as generators that automatically shut down when they sense an overload or short circuit has occurred so that they don’t contribute to the problem by sending more power through the same damaged lines.

Can blue screen damage other hardware?

A blue screen of death is a very common error message that appears on a computer screen. It usually happens when the computer is running an operating system, and it means that the software has encountered a critical error and cannot continue.

A blue screen of death can damage other hardware because if the computer crashes hard enough, this could result in physical damage to the motherboard. This is not something you want to happen because it will cost you more money than just replacing one component at a time.


BSOD is not an unsolvable issue. Rather if you find out the exact nature of its occurrence you can easily resolve it. It is very important to note down what you were doing before the occurrence of the error so that you can undo it to resolve the issue. If the issue arose due to the faulty PSU, then replace it to resolve the error.

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