Can an All in one PC be used for Gaming? (Answered)

It is hard to find a PC that is good for gaming. However, all in one PCs are a type of computer that is designed for all types of tasks. They are typically cheaper than a standard desktop and offer the same performance as a laptop.

These PCs are designed to be sleek and efficient. They can be used for a variety of purposes, but what about gaming? This article discusses whether an All in one PC can be used for gaming.

Can an All in one PC be used for Gaming

Can an All in one PC be used for Gaming?

Yes, they can be used for gaming. It is possible to use an All-in-one PC for gaming but it will depend on the hardware. The most important factor to consider when buying an All-in-One PC, you should also check if it has enough RAM, High-Speed Processor, and a high-end Graphics Card.

Technically, Gaming is a very general thing. There are games that will run on just about any kind of computer. On the other hand, there exist games that will require the most powerful of Graphic cards and processors to touch that smooth 60 fps.

Most All in one PCs don’t have a dedicated Graphics Card

Apart from some of the very expensive and high-end exceptions, most of the All in one PCs don’t come with a discrete Graphic card. Most of them only have integrated intel or AMD graphics, which are not as powerful.

Since graphics are the heart and soul of every game, not having a dedicated Graphic card truly hurts the gaming potential of an All in one PC. Most of the All in one PCs will not be able to run the high-end AAA games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Cyberpunk 2077 in high settings or maybe even in low settings.

Gaming on integrated graphics

Gaming is much more than the recently developed advanced games with ultra-realistic graphics. There have been, and are, many incredible ones with complex storylines, incredible gameplays, and high-skill ceilings that will run smoothly without a GPU.

In fact, one of the most popular games such as Dota 2 and ever so-loved Minecraft can run without a dedicated Graphics card. Moreover, the nostalgic classic games like IGI 2: Covert Strike, GTA: San Andreas, and Fifa 14 can effortlessly run on higher integrated graphics that come built-in into a good processor.

Other than that, there are a lot of decently graphics-intensive games that can run on lower settings: by customization, the graphics-intensive options of a game can be lowered, and hence they can run–albeit one may not get that complete gaming experience. Nevertheless, it is still a fine option to get a decent gaming experience.

What is the thought?

So, although the All in one PCs are not for die-hard high-end gaming, they can easily be used for casual, less-demanding yet beautiful gaming experiences.

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 Pros and cons of Playing Games on All in one PC

This section will discuss the pros and cons of playing games all in one PC.


Perhaps the best thing about All in one PCs is that they are super-minimalistic. There is no wiring mess staring back at the user, and even the mouse and keyboard can be connected wirelessly, making your gaming setup look beautiful, aesthetic, and clutter-free.

Other than that, most of the All in one PCs usually have a pretty big and high-quality screen. Some of the best ones boast FHD and even QHD displays. A bigger, better display is always a plus for a good gaming experience.

Moreover, they consume a bit less energy than other alternatives, an attribute which will help you save a respectable amount of money over the longer run.

Finally, some of the All in one PCs come with a touchscreen. There is a fair share of games that are touch-screen compatible and can be played on an All in one PC. Something you cannot do on a desktop Pc.


There are certain disadvantages of gaming on an All in one PC. Firstly, as already mentioned above, the lack of GPU in many of them restricts many games from running at their max settings.

They will never be able to rival the gaming experience of a full-fledged desktop PC. Although, indeed, you can still have a lot of fun gaming on an All in one PC.

The second con is that they cannot be upgraded.

The way tech is advancing, the only way to stay relevant is constant upgrading of the PC after every few weeks or months. Sadly, the All in One is difficult to upgrade. One might buy an expensive high-end one that can run all the recent games, and after a couple of years, because of not upgrading, that high-end PC will become irrelevant.

But still, if a person does not care much about staying relevant and only desires a peaceful gaming experience, then these cons wouldn’t hurt much.

What kind of games are compatible with AIO pc?

Generally, the games that are not very graphic intensive are compatible with an All in one pc.


Classics are compatible with almost every AIO because of their minimal hardware requirements.

The old-school games like the legendary and immortal Counter-Strike 1.6 and some of the earlier games of the Prince of Persia series including the immensely popular The Sand of Times are some examples.

Other than the many games from the King of Fighters series, IGI series, Max Payne series, EA cricket 2007, earlier Fifa ones, and the earlier parts of Call Of Duty are few of the classics that will effortlessly run on an All in One pc.


Moreover, a few of the modern games that are less demanding, or whose video settings can be lowered can also run in an All in one pc.

For example, Minecraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and even the currently very popular Valorant can run fine with decent fps on good integrated graphics.

These are just some examples. Technically many modern games are compatible with All in one PC. Obviously except for the ones that require a powerful gtx 1050 ti as a mere minimum requirement.

The only catch here is that the modern games might not run at their max settings, and the video settings will need to be at their lowest for smooth gameplay.

Is there any solution for non-supported games?

It is not a very pleasant experience trying to run a non-supported game on your Pc. Even if the game runs, it will not be the best of experiences, and there will be a lot of compromises on the quality of the graphics and aesthetics.

Nevertheless, the best way is to lower the video settings of the game by a considerable degree. Just head over to the video section in the settings and turn everything from default to very low.

Moreover, turn down the resolution to the lowest.

These settings will ensure that the game runs with decent playable fps, although the video quality will be sacrificed, it is sacrificed for a much greater cause.

Final Thoughts

The All in one PCs is not inherently manufactured for hardcore gaming. They are made and bought for other purposes.

However, if you are not a hardcore gamer and want to play a bunch of games in your free time just to relax your mind a bit. Or if you have a group of friends and you all want to play Dota 2 or Minecraft together to reminisce the good old days, then a good All in one PC has enough computing power that you will not feel its lack of a dedicated GPU, a hindrance to your happiness.

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