7 Best Motherboard for 4k Video Editing (ATX, Mini ITX)

The motherboard is the heart of any CPU. A computer system cannot exist and function without a motherboard. Right from simple usage to high-performance gaming or editing, a motherboard plays the important role in connecting all the vital components of a computer.

The core CPU, GPU, Power supply, and many other components that run a computer are interlinked using a motherboard. Due to this functionality, it is crucial to choose the right type of motherboard according to the specification of the components it is going to connect.

In other words, if your primary purpose is gaming, your CPU, GPU, etc. will be top-notch and requires a supporting motherboard. Finding the best motherboard for 4k video editing is not an easy job, in this article we researched and gave a solution for those who search for it.

Best Motherboard for 4k Video Editing

These are the minimum requirements of a motherboard used for 4K editing:

  • The first thing a motherboard should possess is the number of PCIe slots available. Video editors tend to expand or upgrade their GPU.
  • Often video editors are stuck with low storage. Motherboards with the capacity to have memory expansion is the next priority. Look for sufficient SATA connectors to expand storage.
  • You can also opt for RAID card support to have better storage management.
  • Then USB ports must be ample so that accessories and devices can be connected easily. Also, it is important to have the latest port version like USB 3.0.
  • Having a good sound card is very important in video editing. The motherboard should have an integrated sound card that can provide good sound quality while producing video.
  • Almost all ATX motherboards will satisfy the slot needs and compatibility needs.

Best Motherboard for Video Editing 4k

If you are thinking to upgrade the motherboard from your old PC or building a PC for 4k Editing, The below lists will help you definitely in the end. We found and tested best motherboards in the market and Reviewed. Let’s Begin!

Products Verdict Our Ratings
MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus Best ATX Intel Motherboard for 4K Editing 4.8/5.0
ASUS ROG Strix Z490-I Best Mini ITX Motherboard for 4K Editing 4.75/5.0
MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151 Best Entry Level Motherboard for 4K editing 4.8/5.0
ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Overall Best 4K Editing Motherboard 5.0/5.0
MSI Arsenal Gaming Best AMD motherboard for Entry Level 4K editing 4.9/5.0
MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus Best Value for Money 4.7/5.0
ASUS Prime Z590-P Best 4K editing Motherboard for Intel Processors 4.9/5.0

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus

Image Credit: msi.com/Motherboards

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus
  • Series: MPG Z390 GAMING PLUS
  • CPU Socket: LGA 1151
  • Compatibility for: Personal Computer
  • RAM Memory: DDR4
  • Up to Memory Speed: 4400 MHz
  • Compatible CPU: 9th Gen Intel Core
  • Chipset: Intel Z390
Verdict – Best ATX Intel Motherboard for 4K Editing
Despite being a gaming motherboard, it has the necessary components to support intense 4K editing task. The thermal management in the motherboard is very well designed to make the CPU perform better at intense multitasking. The board supports 9th, 8th, and Celeron processors of Intel. Considering 4K editing, these processors can perform good with a higher capacity RAM and a GPU for supporting the graphics. In the ATX form factor, it is one of the best boards for entry level 4K editing. It has a bunch of other useful features like RAM boost, RAID support, NVMe support which makes the editing process more efficient.

MSI is known for producing some of the best gaming accessories and computers. 4K editing also demands performance like intense gaming.

Therefore, this motherboard model from MSI is one of the best performing boards in the industry that supports Intel processors. It has the best heatsink design required for demanding performance.

With the Intel Turbo 3.1 USB-C support, you can transfer data at lightning speeds. This motherboard has MSI’s core boost technology which helps in supplying the right amount of current to the CPU for uninterrupted editing.

Also, to get consistent memory performance, it is built with DDR4 Boost. The MSI MPG Z390 has SATA RAID support and 4 PCIe expansion slots.

For better graphics there are 2 PCIe 3.0 slots with steel armor to prevent graphics card sagging. This ATX model motherboard has NVMe support up to 32 Gb/s.

Apart from these, it has audio boost with amplifier that gives optimized audio output for video editing. It also comes with Intel CNVi Wi-Fi module which gives the best connectivity and range.

The MSI motherboard has ample USB ports for connecting other accessories such as keyboard, mouse, etc. It also has HDMI support which can be used for seamless display output.

Pros Cons
Best Heatsink Design Lack of RGB lighting
RAM boost and NVMe Support No POST code display
Shielded Connector in PCIe slots
Intel Turbo USB 3.1 Gen2 Support

ASUS ROG Strix Z490-I

Image credit: asus.com/us/motherboards-components/motherboards

ASUS ROG Strix Z490-I
  • Series: ROG Strix Z490-I Gaming
  • CPU Socket: LGA 1200
  • Compatible for: Personal Computer
  • RAM Memory: DDR4
  • Up to Memory Speed: 4800 MHz
  • Compatible CPU: 10th Gen Intel Core
  • Chipset: Intel Z490
Verdict – Best Mini ITX Motherboard for 4K Editing
ASUS boards are right away famous for their gaming hardware. But we have recommended this board for 4K editing due to the configuration it can provide for video editing in a Mini ITX form factor. Right from heatsink placements and the cooling fan adjustment, this motherboard has nailed it when it comes to thermal management. Since video editing relies on the CPU performance, you can comfortably overclock them and not worry about the heat generated. Whether it is RAM or GPU, you can upgrade it however you like and economically use the power to perform intense tasks.

This giant from Thailand is the best silicon manufacturer in the world. So, there is no doubt, anything related to computers, Asus is the best.

Whether it is gaming or editing, Asus develops most of the high performing motherboards in the market. Its specialized products named ROG is purely for gaming. But video editors are buying this product for its enormous performance.

Asus gives the best 4K editing experience with its ROG Strix Z490 which supports Intel processors. It is an ITX motherboard with latest design in power supply and heatsink technology.

In order to provide seamless power supply, the Asus motherboard has digital power control array. It comes with triple decker heatsink solution to provide better cooling for high performance editing. Also, the fans are configurable and speed adjustable.

With the dual M.2 interface supporting both SATA and PCIe, you never have to worry about memory. This motherboard also features AI networking which helps in performing different types of configurations to the GPU and CPU.

It supports Wi-Fi 6 as well as Intel 2.5G ethernet for high-speed network connectivity. On the whole, this motherboard is a beast in providing the ultimate editing experience and performance to video editors.

Since 4K editing requires demanding CPU, graphics card, RAM and hard disk, this motherboard has the potential to handle all these components with ease and consume lower power than its counterparts.

Pros Cons
AI networking to configure or overclock CPU and GPU performances Mini-ITX
Triple-Decker heatsink technology for better cooling Expensive price tag
Digital power control array
Configurable RGB lighting and display

MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151

Image Credit: msi.com/Motherboards

MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151

Board Series: Z390-A PRO
CPU Socket: LGA 1151
Compatible for: Personal Computer
RAM Memory: DDR4
Up to Memory Speed: 4400 MHz
Compatible CPU: Intel Celeron, 9th Generation Intel Core, 8th Generation Intel Core, Intel Pentium Gold
Chipset: Intel Z390

Verdict – Best Entry Level Motherboard for 4K editing
We already witnessed an entry level MSI board but this one has some special features which makes it the best entry level motherboard for 4K editing. Video editing doesn’t only comprise of rendering graphical elements. Rather it also requires a better sound processing core which enhances the output multiple folds. This motherboard has a HD audio processing unit which is quite good. The storage slots, thermal management, power management, and hardware upgradability is high end and can provide you with ultimate video editing experience. If you are having an 8th or 9th gen Intel processor, go for this board.

For those who are using 8th or 9th Gen intel processors, this MSI Z390-A PRO is the best option in the market. In order to get lag-free video editing and rendering, this motherboard supplies you with all the necessary power, cooling, memory slot and architecture.

The motherboard’s main function is to supply uninterrupted power to all of its component. As well as it should supply the current as needed for high performances. To fulfill that, the MSI motherboard has core boost technology to deliver undistorted current to the CPU.

Both gaming and video editing demands high power which in turn produces more heat. The extended heatsink design provides us with the best heat dissipation. Also, the heatsink is present above the VRAM which helps in giving the optimum cooling needed.

The next important thing for video editing is the audio processing. With the audio boost technology in this motherboard, it gives HD audio processing. Also, the sound components are isolated from all other components of the motherboard which provides perfect audio experience.

For high data transfer, this motherboard is equipped with Turbo M.2 slot which can support NVMe SSD. The GPU is one of the major components required for 4K video editing. The PCIe slots are reinforced with steel armor to hold heavy graphics card.

This motherboard can be a little expensive for an entry level chipset model. But, it doesn’t back down on performance or management of components.

Pros Cons
Extended Heatsink Design on the VRAM Little Expensive
Core boost technology for undistorted power supply Lacks RGB lighting
Equipped with steel reinforced PCIe slots

ASUS ROG Strix B450-F

Image credit: asus.com/us/motherboards-components/motherboards

Series: B450TOMAMAX
CPU Socket: Socket AM4
Compatible for: Gaming Console
RAM Memory: DDR4
Up to Memory Speed: 3600 MHz
Compatible CPU: AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen
Chipset: AMD B450

Verdict – Overall Best 4K Editing Motherboard
You cannot see many people choosing AMD for video editing. But AMD processors have greater potential when it comes to intense CPU tasks as well as gaming. The beauty of this board is that it comes with all the necessary software and hardware tweaks required for high end 4K editing. You have Sonic Studio, Supreme FX, CrossFireX, and other important software applications to make the editing seamless and efficient. The power management and thermal management are very good thanks to the VRM thermal design and AI networking. The overall construction and architecture of the board is very good for future upgrades too. A great choice for AMD enthusiasts.

We have seen great motherboards for intel processors. If you are a fan of AMD processors, this Asus ROG Strix B450-F is one of the best motherboards that support Ryzen CPUs.

To contain the Ryzen processors, the motherboard is equipped with discrete MOS and digital power control. The overclocking support provided by this motherboard is better than many counterparts of this model. It has better DRAM overclocking without any issues.

Using the VRM thermal design, the board dissipates heat from the VRM using high quality thermal pads with large surface area. Also, the M.2 heatsink provides better cooling to the SSD drives and allows it to work at optimum temperature levels.

The dual PCIe slots and quad M.2 slots provide the required performance boost along with NVMe RAID support. The fit provided by these slots leads to reduced coupling noise on the memory channels. This results in providing higher frame rates and better performance.

This board also supports AMD’s 3-Way CrossFireX technology for better graphics. It has 3 PCIe 3.0 * 16 slots to hold external graphics card. The most unique feature of this motherboard is you can update BIOS without memory or CPU.

The BIOS flashback technology uses a USB port through which BIOS update can be made. Apart from this, the motherboard allows user-friendly configurations, AI networking and Sonic Studio to support heat transfer functions.

It also comes with supreme FX for better audio performance which is highly required for video editing. 

Pros Cons
BIOS flashback technology AI overclocking doesn’t work sometimes
Separate heatsink for SSD drives No built-in Wi-Fi
Discrete MOS for better power supply
Cheap Price

MSI Arsenal Gaming

Image Credit: msi.com/Motherboards

MSI Arsenal Gaming

Series: ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming II
CPU Socket: Socket AM4
Compatible for: Personal Computer
RAM Memory: DDR4
Up to Memory Speed: 2133 MHz
Compatible CPU: AMD 1st Gen Ryzen
Chipset: AMD B450

Verdict – Best AMD motherboard for Entry Level 4K editing
This board is kind of a runner up for AMD motherboards that are good for 4K editing. It has some specifications like the previous board in the list, but supports older gen processors. Design-wise, there are some limitations in it but you can rely on this board with a good RAM and GPU. The overclocking potential also good if not the best. So, if you are into AMD and want to try some entry level 4K editing, then you can choose this board. Especially if you are stuck with an older gen CPU, then this board is a good choice to get going with your editing.  

AMD produces some of the best CPUs and GPUs in the world of silicon manufacturers. Even their 2nd and 3rd Gen CPUs perform far better than other brands latest editions. This CPU has proved great performance in gaming as well as video editing.

In terms of design, this board can be recognized as a Tomahawk edition right away. This is an ATX board, without any RGB lighting. But it is very light in weight also.

This Tomahawk MAX II edition is upgraded to support a wide generations of Ryzen processors. Recently it has been updated to support 5000 series processors too. 

The board supports DDR4 memory with overclocking feature. But the overclocking speed is mid-range. For Ryzen 3rd gen CPUs, it can reach up to 4133 MHz but for other versions, it can only reach up to 3466 MHz

It is equipped with system tuning capacity for increased performance. The larger heatsink gives higher cooling and heat transfer in the VRM. But the VRM phases are smaller which sometimes lags the overclocking process. For Video editing, this will not be an issue.

When there is a need to recover BIOS, you can do it with the Flash BIOS button available in the motherboard. The MSI Tomahawk MAX II has the best core boost technology for optimized power delivery. Apart from these features, it has the best audio boost tech for HD sound quality.

There aren’t any shields on the slots that can reduce the noise and provide better power supply and data transfer.

Pros Cons
Core boost technology Minor Overclocking Issues
Built to support different generations of Ryzen processors Smaller VRM phases
Large Heatsink on VRM

MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus

Image Credit: msi.com/Motherboards

Series: MSI Z490
CPU Socket: LGA 1200
Compatible for: Personal Computer
RAM Memory: DDR4
Up to Memory Speed: 4800 MHz
Compatible CPU: Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium Gold
Chipset: Pentium

Verdict – Best Value for Money
Are you looking for a cool looking motherboard with premium specifications for a cheaper price? This motherboard from MSI is the best choice for you. It checks almost all high-end boxes you cannot get from boards at the same price point. It is surprisingly cheaper with all the specifications. It has RGB lightings to amp up the editing mood, it has better heatsink design, sufficient slots for RAM and storage hardware, and much more which makes the 4K editing efficient. The rendering times are faster due to these specifications. You also get audio processing units and RAM boost technology for enhancing the video editing task. This is a great board which gives more value than you expect.

When you think about an advanced motherboard for an advanced intel processor, you must choose MSI MPG Z490. Talking about design, this motherboard has RGB LED lighting and has a black theme all over the board. The motherboard comes with Mystic Light that gives a stunning outlook with 29 different LED effects.

The VRM heatsinks are large with thicker fins and a heat pipe for better heat dissipation during high performance or overclocking. This ATX board supports Intel 10th Gen processor. It has two M.2 slots which are protected and offers USB 3.2 Gen 2 for seamless and faster data transfer. This is quite useful for a video editor due to the requirement for large memory.

For better internet connectivity it is equipped with 2.5G LAN which gives high bandwidth and low-latency. This motherboard is bagged with high definition ALC1220 audio processor and capacitors to give better audio quality with boost. During video editing and rendering, this feature helps in integrating audio better.

The audio jacks are also of high quality. Its core boost tech provides efficient power delivery system. The DDR4 boost gives reliable memory stability and performance. The PCIe slots are reinforced with steel armors to support higher graphics card used especially for 4K video editing. The steel is also reinforced with heavy solder connections.

The M.2 shield Frozr is an advanced heatsink tech that extends till the SSD to prevent thermal throttling. It also has preinstalled IO shielding to protect from electrical damages. 

The overall thermal management, power management and performance is optimum for a video editing process and doesn’t lag in providing the top notch performance.

Pros Cons
High quality motherboard for a cheaper price No Wi-Fi cards
Best configuration
Comes with better heatsink
Equipped with Pre-installed IO shielding

ASUS Prime Z590-P

Image credit: asus.com/us/motherboards-components/motherboards

ASUS Prime Z590-P

Series: PRIME Z590-P
CPU Socket: LGA 1200
Compatible for: Personal Computer
RAM Memory: DDR4
Up to Memory Speed: 5133 MHz
Compatible CPU: 10th Gen Intel Core
Chipset: Intel Z590

Verdict – Best 4K editing Motherboard for Intel Processors
4K editing requires high end hardware so that you can accomplish the task within a few hours. Considering this we have given you the best on the list for your 4K editing needs with this ASUS motherboard. It is the ultimate choice for doing intense editing without any compromises in the performance. The board supports all latest intel processors which makes it a future proof hardware. You can upgrade it however you want and the motherboard will enable a seamless compatibility with higher end hardware. So, if you are having Intel CPU and put it to better use, then go for this motherboard and get the maximum performance out of it.

If you are up for a beast performing motherboard for all your video editing, then this enormous performer from Asus is your best choice. In terms of design, the board comes in matte black due to the black colored heat sinks. It also includes a RGB lighting and also includes headers to attach more lighting.

It supports the latest generation of Intel processors and has thunderbolt 4 support for the USB type C ports. Equipped with Dr. MOS power stages, it comes with ProCool sockets and alloy chokes for steady power delivery during highly demanding times.

In terms of cooling, this motherboard has VRM heatsink, PCH heatsink and hybrid fan headers controlled by Fan Xpert 4 software. This helps in providing the ultimate heat dissipation from the major components of the circuit. Also, the M.2 heatsink removes thermal throttling issues.

There are three M.2 slots that support up to 60 Gbps data transfer. The PCIe 4.0 provides the connectivity for latest GPUs. These slots are reinforced to hold heavy GPU cards and prevent shearing. Also the M.2 locking mechanism is unique.

It comes with two USB type C ports for ultimate speed data transfer up to 20 Gbps. The thunderbolt 4 support enables you to connect 8K resolution displays seamlessly and get better video editing experience. Ethernet connectivity is provided by Realtek which enables you to have seamless internet access.

Pros Cons
Has Thunderbolt 4 support No error code lighting display or sound
USB type C ports for faster data transfer The M.2 slot 1 works only for 11th gen Intel processors
Ultimate cooling with Fan Xpert 4 software and VRM, PCH heatsink

Our Recommended Motherboard

Winner Review and Opinion Product Link
ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Check here Check Price

Although this board supports AMD processors, it has some of the best specifications to support seamless high end 4K editing and improve your efficiency multiple folds. Here are some of the ultimate features this board has to offer:

  • Best Power Management Design with the DrMOS power stages which supplies uninterrupted power accordingly
  • Best Thermal management solution with VRM and PCH heatsinks which keeps the hardware cool at all times
  • Best cooling system with FanXpert Utility so that you can tweak your cooling fans according to the task
  • Enhanced Audio processing with SupremeFX and Sonic Studio. It also supports AI noise cancelling which helps you to get better audio outputs in your videos
  • Personalize your PC with the ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting system to amp up your editing mood
  • Sufficient storage slots and Memory slots to upgrade the PC further without any compatibility issues. This will help you to improve your video editing performance multiple folds

Because of these top end specifications, we have chosen this board to be the best for 4K editing and are recommending you to go for it. If you have an existing processor from Intel, then you can choose the ASUS Prime Z590-P which is also a great choice.

Buying Guide for 4K editing Motherboard

As we had mentioned earlier, both gaming and editing are highly demanding processes. It takes up a lot of power and performance.

But compared to gaming, 4K editing doesn’t require much GPU. A Graphics card is important but there is no need to buy a high-level graphics card.

At the same time, video editing demands more CPU power. So, the processor has to be top-notch and has the capacity to provide huge performance without any lag. Therefore, you must choose a motherboard that can support the latest generation of processors.

The next important thing to look for is the ability to expand memory. Since 4K editing consumes a lot of RAM and ROM, the board should come with ample slots to increase memory as well as increase GPUs.

Whether it be RAM or SSD, the motherboard should be able to host a huge amount of memory capacity. Apart from this, if your motherboard has a number of USB slots and different display connectivity ports, then that is the best motherboard you can buy.

Choose the motherboard according to the CPU you have chosen. Look for whether the board can support different generations.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best motherboards available in the market for a reasonable price and ultimate performance. We have provided you with both AMD and Intel supporting boards with latest technology. Whether it is power supply or thermal management, all of the boards mentioned provide the best performance.

Some boards are user friendly in configuring and give better usability. Understand your need for the quality and performance so that you can choose wisely. With that said, we are recommending the MSI MPG Z490 for high resolution 4K video editing.

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