5 Best Game Booster Software for Windows (Free Download, 32 or 64 Bit)

Nowadays it is tough to build a gaming PC and we are forced to move towards iGPUs. Even if you are using a gaming PC, you might need software that enhances the performance and provides the best gameplay. Here are some of the best game booster software for windows that increase your gaming performance so that you don’t have to upgrade your PC.

Best Game Booster Software for Windows

We will look into the top 5 game booster software for windows which has the ability to tweak your processors and memory to give their maximum performance.

#1 Razer Cortex: Boost

Razer produces some of the best gaming laptops in the market and it is known for its gaming peripherals. The Razer Cortex software helps in increasing the performance by closing all the unwanted applications running in the background. It allows the CPU, RAM, and GPU to concentrate on the resources needed for the game. This results in higher FPS and fast loading.

Razer Cortex: Boost Best Game Booster Software for Windows

You can also enable auto boost or personalize your boost settings. It can defragment and clear up RAM space to increase gaming efficiency. Razer cortex can also boost the performance of the entire PC. If you are launching games from Steam or Origin, it will automatically enable boost and increase the performance. This application is available for free download and updates to increase the features of the app periodically.

#2 MSI Afterburner

MSI is another giant in the gaming industry and produces some of the best gaming core components for PCs. The Afterburner from MSI gives you the ability to overclock your processor even if you don’t have an MSI GPU. The user interface is appropriate for gamers and enables you to tweak core processes like GPU voltage, frequency, and fan speeds. This gives access to utilize the full potential of your GPU.

It also has a monitoring system that constantly shows the hardware performance. It gives all the necessary information like temperature, voltage, clock speed, etc. Inside the game, it helps you by monitoring the FPS.

This application can prioritize the resources needed and sort them so that they will be utilized for the gameplay. You can customize settings as you like and create profiles for each setting. This application is also available for free and it is a great software for boosting gaming performances.

#3 GameBoost 3

This application is an all-you-need package for your gaming requirements. It has a ton of tweaking abilities to give you an overall immersive gaming experience. The GameBoost software enables you to improve your internet connectivity, frame rate, animations, CPU speed, refresh rate, and a bunch of other things.

It can tweak the default settings of the core components like GPU and push it to work at their maximum capacity. It can adjust the PC settings and can search for potential issues that pull back the performance. The user interface is very friendly and you can just optimize the performance with a single tap.

It can change the registry to enhance memory and has a deep system analyzer to diagnose your PC for performance enhancement. It also has to overclock feature and can increase the frame rate twice that of any other. This software has a 30-day trial and after which you have to choose a subscription.

#4 Game Fire 6

This is another excellent application that can boost gaming performance in multiples. It has a technology to find out the unnecessary applications that are harming the performance and it temporarily disables them for gaming. It also provides you the list of processes that are affecting your gameplay and you can choose which of them to disable.

It can defragment hard disk and has tools such as quick access to memory diagnostics and performance monitor. It greatly reduces lags, unexpected crashes and increases the frames per second. It can also optimize your memory and boost internet connectivity for faster online gaming.

It looks after your processor temperatures and factors that may affect your PC health in real-time. This application gives you full control over the optimization and enjoys maximum performance from your PC. This application has both free and pro versions. The free version offers basic optimization and if you want the full package go for the pro.

#5 Advanced System Optimizer

This is by far the most advanced performance optimizing free application you can get for your PC. It has a variety of modules to get the best performance from your PC. It has a separate module called game optimizer which is easy to use and gives smooth gameplay. It enables you to switch tasks fluently without affecting the performance.

The game optimizer mode will keep away all the distractions and unwanted applications away so that the gaming is not affected. It has a futuristic scanning engine and a single click optimization to enhance your overall PC performance.

Apart from gaming, you can also use this application to repair registry errors, clean junk and temp files, update your drivers, etc. Overall, this software is a must try for gamers trying to increase their performance on the PC.

Other Softwares

How does game booster software work?

Game booster uses an application to scan your PC for unwanted programs and background applications so that it can temporarily disable or eliminate them to increase gaming performance.

In this process, it frees up RAM space, storage, and processor to focus all of them on the resources that run the game. In simple words, a game booster removes the PC’s burden to run irrelevant programs and turns its focus toward gaming.

This enables you to enjoy a high-performance gaming experience without any lag or frame rate loss even with mediocre specifications.

Is it safe for your gaming PC?

Yes, in fact, the game booster applications take off the load from your PC. If your PC is running several applications and at the same time running a resource intensive game, then it will surely increase the temperature of the core components and affect the PC health.

Therefore, a game booster application helps your PC to have a long life by optimizing it to work towards a single process and provide better performance.


Before gaming, you should have these game booster applications perform a scan and optimize your PC. This helps you to get the desired performance and the enhancement in graphics, frame rate, refresh rate, etc. Therefore, consider any one of these applications to boost your gameplay.

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