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How to keep Computer Desk Dust Free? (4 Best Precautions)

We live in a world that is filled with dust. It is inevitable and you cannot permanently eradicate it from your household or office space. Accumulation of dust on the desk, especially computer desk will lead to slow performance of your PC and the peripherals used with it. ain the computer desk dust free with the help of routine maintenance and proper cleaning.

How to Add Thunderbolt 4 to PC? (Best Guide, Benefits)

Devices have become more responsive and faster these days. Connecting different devices to a PC needs reliable and speedy technology so that it can transfer data faster. Thunderbolt is a new technology that enables connectivity between devices with a faster data transfer rate. With every generation of Thunderbolt, the transfer rate increases.

RTX 3060 is close to being affordable this week

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 has come close to the MSRP for the first time since the pandemic. This is in accordance with the rapid drop in GPU prices over the week. You can now get one of the high-performing EVGA XC Gaming Variant GPUs for $389.99 in the US which is just $50 more than the MSRP. ou can get the Inno Twin LHR variant for 379.99 Euros which is 79 euros higher than the official price.

XMG Introduces Studio PC for Content Creators and will be exhibited at Frankfurt’s Prolight + Sound 2022

A studio PC tailor-made for content creators was launched by XMG and it will be exhibited between April 26th – and 29th at the Berlin’s Sample Music Festival in Frankfurt. The starting price of the PC is 1169 Euros and can be upgraded to Intel Core i9-12900K CPU with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 GPU. The PC is built on a Fractal Design Torrent Chassis which is a silent and airflow optimized case.

PC Giants are affected with Covid Shutdowns in China

Several manufacturing suppliers for Apple, Dell, and Lenovo are shut down in eastern China and Taiwan due to Covid. The factories are closed and are waiting for approval. Because of this closure, the supply chain is being affected largely. The supplier for Apple, Pegatron, has been shut down in Shanghai and Kunshan. Quanta computer which is one of the major producers of MacBooks

Free PC Game Pass Subscription from Xbox for Non-Members

Any one of these PC games must be played from February 28, 2022 release and if you are eligible, you will get a 3-month trial of a PC game pass. It is similar to Xbox Game Pass but available only for PC. If you are unsure about the eligibility, you can check it on the official Microsoft website and claim the offer. Once you have subscribed for the trial, you can enjoy some of the

PC Shipments Drop but Revenue Increases by 15%

Due to Covid, PC sales increased largely due to the work-from-home scenario. But the trend started seeing a downfall after 2021. The first quarter of 2022, saw a 3% fall in shipments when compared to the first quarter of 2021 which had an all-time high sales of 82.4 million. In 2022, it dropped to 80.1 million.

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