Are Mini PCS good for Servers? (Answered, Pros & Cons)

While buying mini PCs, a lot of people ask themselves whether mini pcs are good for servers or not. If you don’t know already, mini PCs are mini-computers or mid range computers suitable for a wide range of system applications within an affordable range. It’s a variant of a computer with all features and capabilities but in a small size for the user’s convenience.

How To Fix Malfunctioning Laptop Keyboard? (5 Best Methods)

Problems with laptop keyboards are widespread. Your laptop keyboard issue might range from jammed keys to some keys not functioning to the whole keyboard failing. The keyboard must be changed if this is the case. However, broken keys may sometimes be rectified.

8 Best 17 inch Laptop for Business (Office, Work from Home)

A laptop is sought for its portability. Especially professional people who travel often require a productive device that can be efficient while being portable. Business Laptops are primarily used for video calls, content creation, modeling and rendering, Data and resource management, competitor analysis, research, and related activities. 

Why Is My Printer Not Printing Color Correctly? (Answered)

Color printers are used to print color images, black and White images and graphics on a single sheet of paper coated with dye or pigment ink. This ink is subsequently transferred to the paper using heat, pressure, and, in some cases, electrical interaction. Sometimes, if your printer isn’t printing colors properly

Will a MacBook Pro Work with a Dead Battery? (Answered)

Apple’s most recent MacBooks, which use the company’s own M1 and M2 processors, had longer battery lives than the company’s earlier models, which used Intel CPUs. With normal usage, a MacBook Pro battery may last five years on average before needing to be replaced. But would a MacBook Pro still function for someone who wishes

USB C Headphone Not Working on PC: Reasons & How to Fix?

If you prefer music while working or playing games, using headphones with your PC is a terrific option. Each PC has a USB port for connecting headphones, however not every USB port will work with your device. Nowadays, Type-C USB is quite widespread, and practically all businesses have switched to USB-C headphones.

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